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When We Are Being Fertilized

Updated on February 22, 2016

2015 was a very active year with many things happening. There were tears, pain, trials, favor and joy throughout that year. I was confused as to why things happened and I cried out to God. He answered me and led me to His Word to help me understand. The Scripture I was led to is Luke 13:6-9.

In this passage, Jesus tells a parable about a fig tree. This fig tree was planted in a vineyard and for three years, it hadn’t bore any fruit. The owner of the vineyard wanted to cut down the tree because he felt that it was useless. The gardener, however, asked his master if he would leave it another year, and allow him to dig around it and fertilize it. Then, if it bore fruit, good; if not, cut it down.

Now you may be wondering what a fig tree has to do with what happened last year. It is this:

We are like the fig tree which bore no fruit. But after God digs around us and “fertilizes” us, we can bear fruit for His Kingdom. We all know what fertilizer is made of - manure (crap). So, all the manure (crap) that was dumped on you last year was probably meant to “fertilize” you to grow. By growing strong, you will produce fruit for The Kingdom.

Thank God for not cutting us down!!! Amen.

Share any instances where you were being fertilized.


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