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When You've Reached Bottom

Updated on October 17, 2011

When You've Reached Bottom

When you've broken God's commandments,

When you've disobeyed His every Word.

Then you may have wronged another person,

But you've only sinned against The Lord.

When you've disobeyed all of God's Laws

Now you have .made up your very own.

You think you don't need God in your life,

And you think there is no reason to atone..

You don't believe that God's Word is Holy,

Then you will .proclaim that it is just a book

All of those values that you grew up with,

Christian teaching,you long ago forsook.

When you've fallen down to the very bottom,

It's then you will begin to feel that all is lost,

Then cry out to Jesus Christ to save you,

The bridge between you can still be crossed.

With repentant heart just say you're sorry

For all of those .things that you have done.

With a joy filled heart then you can rejoice.

None other can save,only Jesus Christ Alone!



Long ago when you went to church with your

Mom and Dad you listened to all of those

Bible stories. When you came home you

carried a picture with you ,Jesus and all

of His disciples. You treasured it and thought

about the great things that you could do for

Jesus when you was older.You dreamed

what you could do for Him.Somehow , no one

really knew what happened but you turned

from Him and went your own way. you thought

you wanted to do things on your own for

awhile. Jesus was all right when you was

a child but you didn't need Him around

when you was an adult. You could take care

of yourself, thank you..Like the prodigal son

you left your Father and went out on your

own.When you came to yourself you was in

the pen with all of the other pigs. you finally

realized what you had lost. Everything of

importance!But hurry back now as fast as

as you can,.Jesus is waiting with open arms.

He is always so happy when one of His

children come back to Him. We never know

how much we miss Him until He is gone.

Go back to Him now!



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    • clara kish@yahoo. profile image

      Clara Kish 6 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      I didn't mean the prodigal son was fiction,I meant what i was writing was nothing real. I will check it out if I can get this computer working right, It wants to wipe so many things off.Wayne said he was having trouble with Facebook ,too.Thanks for the comments ,love, cherry

    • profile image

      Tessie Payne 6 years ago

      I Do not see this as Fiction. I think it is TRUE. I believe the Prodical Son was real and not only the one mentioned in the HOLY BIBLE but many others who have gone astray and left their Father's House. Not only Sons, but I think there are also PRODICAL DAUGHTERS too.

      Check out the song I wrote on You Tube, the Testaview Channel, "HIS NAME IS JESUS." This is about a Prodical Daughter who has come Home. Tessie