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When Does the Soul Enter the Body?

Updated on September 25, 2016

You can see the child in the womb, but when does the soul enter the body?

Creation and the Soul

There has been a debate for a long time on the point of creation, and at what point the soul enters into that creation. The almighty did not create only in the first six days. The almighty is constantly creating. Jewish religious thought expresses that creation is sustained by the constant speech of the Almighty.

To many the soul enters the body right before the newborn is birthed. From this prospective abortion can take place and would not be considered to be murder. Therefore, to people with this perspective long term abortions are acceptable. This example is the extreme, and in odds with most religious belief.

The other extreme, is that creation takes place at the time of conception and the soul is connected to the unborn child immediately.

Now what am I speaking about? The main idea that I want to talk about is when does the creation of the child begin and when does the soul enter into the body.

I have a unique perspective on this concept. There is a new science that deals with regenerative therapy and this sceince is centered around embryonic stem cells and their research.

As a religious man I do not believe in abortion. It says in the book of Genesis that the Almighty created man on the sixth day. I believe this is true.

I have read that within the first week the cells can be adjusted to be other type of cells. I think that the markers that distinguish humankind is determined on the sixth day. On the sixth day the fetus is already designated to be human.

Aborted fetus cells are worthless for manipulation in relationship to regenerative therapy, according the religious ethics. The female human does not know the immediate moment that they are pregnant. Therefore, they do not know how old the fetus is until after it has already passed the sixth day.

However, in fertility clinics, would it be acceptable to use these stem cells for regenerative therapy? We would know exactly how old the cells are from the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg. Healing of chronic diseases would be possible?

I heard a story of an individual that suffered from spinal problems. The regenerative therapy would work to heal this individual and allow this person to be heal and pursue many dreams that have been lost to the injury. However, the individual is held back due to ethical questions. Would the concept of the fetus not being viable until it reaches the 6th day change the ethical delima? Therefore, would any embryonic material during days 1st to 5th be acceptable to be manipulated in order to heal the body?

Then again, there is another ethic problem that arises. Who are we to act in a manner that should be left to the Almighty? Since, we do not know the exact time the soul enters the body.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago


      Very intriguing take on soul=life, have you read "Secret Life of Plants" by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. (Copyright 1973, Published by HarperCollins Publishers Inc.) It does not prove plants have life by it does show that they have feelings and emotions. I think all things are linked to the creator and have traits that give them soul in one way or another.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      I have a question for you. If life and soul are one and live begins when growth begins, would you argue that this too applies to plants? What if one were to suggest an animated being such as dogs and cats. These are animals that have consciousness and thus have life in the sense you've seemed to describe it above. Do you suggest these have souls? If not, is "soul" really synonymous with "life" as you've defined it above? You suggest life cannot live without soul and even should you suggest a dog has a soul, certainly you would not suggest the same of plants, yet they are very much alive. They grow, they thrive when nutrients are bountiful and most importantly they die. Whether it is due to a lack of rain or nutrients or they've merely exhausted their lifespan, they die. In order to die, life must have been present before hand. If plants have no soul, then by definition your statement is false, which may suggest there is a possibility of life without a soul.

    • killrats profile image


      8 years ago from Cape town South Africa

      Life starts the second the sperm enters the egg. If there is growth there must be life. The soul and life are one, one can not live without the other. This is just my beleif.

      I like your hub and will be looking out for more


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