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When every thing is fine.....

Updated on June 18, 2013

Golden Lingas manifested from His mouth!

Useless Wealth kept by the Nizam of Hyderabad!

When everything is fine, we are more vulnerable and tend to become weak! It is the trying situations which brings the best in us. But many of us simply shrink, when we face odd situations. We expect good times to continue for ever. No. God has some other plan for us for our betterment. He chooses the best for us when he plunges us in some bitter experience. Hitherto we had faulty value systems. In our view pleasant experiences are preferred. The child hanker for sweet but the mother administers bitter medicines for the sake of health. The child is not aware of mother's intentions. Hence the child cries bitterly. Our situation too is similar to the child. We clamor from God all that is pleasant. But God chooses 'good' over pleasant. Yes, There are two alternatives mentioned in scriptures. One is "Preyas" means to our liking. The other one is 'Sreyas" which is better to us in spiritual point of view. Hence God prefers to confer the good over the pleasant!

Here we have to investigate what is good for us in this earthly life. Many of us are under false idea that the worldly riches, relationships, comforts and luxuries are best preferred things for leading a life. Some people want huge mansion like bungalows, modern automobiles fully air conditioned, more and more wealth, power and position etc., They do not remember that their sojourn in this earth is of limited span. Moreover one can enjoy only during prime youth. When we become old, the wealth will become a burden. We need assistance to walk, sit and stand. In what way your wealth can assist you. At best, you can hire a personal assistant. Remember that 'the moment you become weak and senile, relatives will be counting about your property. If you have number of children, the fight will be visible. Who will get what share from your property? From time immemorial, the world witness many such brotherly fights and they will stoop down to the level of decimating the other claimants. When a vulture carries a meat peace, we can see many crows chasing it. It is more so in the case of humans.

We have not come into this world for this mundane gain. Our aim should be very high. We all have parted from God's Kingdom. We are all the rightful heirs of God's Kingdom. Try to assert your right in the Kingdom of God by practicing Truth and Righteousness. These two currencies can be deposited in the bank of God and when it accumulates, you can reap a very rich harvest. As long as you are True and Right, you are vouchsafed the keys of His Treasury. I have read one incident in the life of Nizam of Hyderabad, an erstwhile province within India. Now after obtaining Independence, many such provinces belonging to many princes were annexed with India. But they were paid for their maintenance by the Government huge sums of money. The Nizam has kept boxes of Indian rupee valued many crores. Once during stock taking, it was found that rats has eaten around six crores of Indian Rupees kept in the boxes. In addition, the Nizam had many gold and diamond jewels and silver articles worth about several crores. His weekly expenses on meals is a mere two rupees. Yes, he had some serious stomach problems. Hence he could only drink rice gruel. What is the use of his enormous wealth when he is not able to eat and digest ordinary food? Hence wealth has no value in the realm of God. Only virtues are counted there!


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