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Love can Heal the Spirit

Updated on January 29, 2017
Phyllis Doyle profile image

Physical and spiritual well being is of great importance to Phyllis. Spirituality is deeply ingrained in Phyllis' life.

Love Sends out More Love Like Ripples in Water

Ripples in water
Ripples in water | Source

Children Need Love

When you see a child who has never known love there is a vacant look in her eyes.

Give that child the knowledge that she is loved and you will see a change come over her.

Notice what love and acceptance will do for the look on her face.

Let her know that she will not be harmed if she accepts love.

Show her good things in life, puppies, kittens, and rainbows.

Run with her through the sprinklers and let her laugh out loud.

Teach her well and love her truly.

Love can Heal the Spirit of a Child

The Age of Innocence by Joshua Reynolds
The Age of Innocence by Joshua Reynolds | Source

Kittens Need the Love of a Child

Kitten | Source

An Elderly Person

Make a visit to a rest home and take a look at some of the elderly people sitting alone and staring into a void where once there was love.

Touch that person's hand, say something kind and give them something pretty, like a flower. Sit and chat with them, ask them "How are you today? Can I do anything for you?"

Be aware of the change that will come over them. This may seem like a minor act of love, yet to that elderly person it may make a world of difference.

It can make them feel that they are still worthy of love. If you do that, visit that elderly person and show some kindness, then please take the time to visit again, at least once a week, to keep that light in their eyes and the feeling of love in their heart.

Give of yourself and your time and the rewards will change your life also.

Visit an Elderly Person

Elderly man in nursing home
Elderly man in nursing home | Source

My Little Marvin

Copyright Phyllis Doyle Burns
Copyright Phyllis Doyle Burns

Marvin Finds a Home

A lost, lonely, frightened and sick little dog was found and taken to the animal control center to be euthanized. He did not care, for he had nothing. Animal shelter rescued him from that fate, cleaned him up, fed him and gave him the medical attention he needed. Still, the little dog was timid and frightened.

My daughter saw him, begged me to adopt him and I did. The love we have given that precious little dog has made a huge difference in his life. His eyes are bright, his fur is shiny and soft, he is healthy, playful and content.

He knows he has a home, all the love he wants, all his needs are fulfilled and he is happy, very happy. Love made a tremendous difference in his life -- love saved his life. For the remainder of his life, he will have all he needs and plenty of love. And he brought a special kind of love into my heart and life.

Give a Lonely dog a Home

Basset Hound Puppy
Basset Hound Puppy | Source

Love a Plant

Give some loving attention to a neglected and weak plant and watch it grow into a healthy and lovely plant. Love comes in all forms for all things.

If a baby animal in the wild is neglected by its mother and the pack, it will die. It is the same for humans. If a human of any age does not know love, that person can die inside, in the heart, in the spirit - so can a plant.

Jade Plant

Jade plant, also called "Friendship Tree"
Jade plant, also called "Friendship Tree" | Source

Love Begets Love

All things that receive love returns love in many different ways.

When you Find That Special Love

When you find that special love in your life, the one that touches the deepest part of your soul, hang on to it. Love often does not come easy, it takes time to settle and grow. Love needs attention and work, just like when a seed is planted, it needs to be nurtured and cared for so it can grow.

That special person is the one that fills your heart with a love that is like no other. That is a love for life. It is that love which nothing can harm or end, not even death. True love which was meant to be can conquer all threats, it goes beyond all outside influences and beyond death.

I believe that there are twin souls who have spent many life times together. They always find each other because their love is eternal. I have a twin soul and I know the love is profound.

That Special Someone in Your Life

Amore and Psyche by Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée (1724 - 1805).
Amore and Psyche by Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée (1724 - 1805). | Source

Desert Sands

Sand Mountain in Nevada near Fallon.
Sand Mountain in Nevada near Fallon. | Source

© 2014 Phyllis Doyle Burns


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