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When the Angels Sing

Updated on August 14, 2011

Beautiful Music

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Angel's Song

The angels spoken of in the Holy Scriptures, have been shown to sing on many very special occasions in the history of the Creation. The Christian Bible is full of special times when the angels of God share their wonderful message about some great event to happen. Perhaps the most poignant or meaningful time the angels sang, was when they were spreading the good news about the coming of the baby of Mary in Bethlehem. We were, as children in our Sunday schools,told about the joyful sound and beautiful music announcing the coming of Christ. We, as Christians, celebrate that wonderful date in December every year. The playing of harps, the lyre, flutes, and trumpets are spoken of throughout the Bible and how music pleases our Creator. In the book of Psalms, in many accounts, the playing of the lyre or stringed instruments, was important, and David did this to show his devotion and worshiping of God, the Father. Music has always played an important roll in religion all over the world. It is a pure and delightful way to show to their Creator their love, devotion and caring of Him is of utmost importance. To take part in this way of worshiping Him shows their intent to follow the good life that God wants for all of His creation. God's angels use this as a way to announce important events and messages from the creator.

Another Time a song was sung in the scriptures is when Moses delivered his people from the hands of death at the Red Sea, and when the Pharaoh led his soldiers on chariots in pursuit of his people. The song that was sung by the people then was "The Song of the Sea", in praise of Yahweh and Moses for delivering them. It is found in Exodus 15. There are many books in the Bible showing songs of praise: In Exodus15,Numbers21, Deuteronomy 31,Judges, II Samuel, KIngs, Chronicles, Ephesians, Colossians, Hebrews and James. Psalms through out the scriptures show praise in instrumental form to God.Instrumental praise is shown in: Exodus, Samuel,Kings, Chronicles, Amos, and Revelation 14 and15. Horns and trumpets were associated with God's presence and power. As it is said in Ephesians, (5:18-20), Be filled with the spirit and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

Perhaps the most powerful and meaningful in the Holy Scriptures is of the sounding of great trumpets and singing Angels, announcing the coming of the Lord and our King, Jesus Christ. This will be in the Last Days and will be before the Great Battle in which the forces of God defeat the powers of Evil. Satan and His followers will be slain and the Great Serpent will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Christ will reign with His people for a thousand years of peace and love. This is what our Scriptures say and everything in them has always proven to be true.

We lift our voices in churches around the world in praise of our Lord God and Maker. It lifts us all on high when we sing to God. Let the beautiful angels of Heaven sing, and may the peace of the Lord be with you all, for evermore.


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