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When the Bible Verses Coincide as One

Updated on July 2, 2014

Thank You Heavenly Father

I am so happy to see that Jesus' teachings coincide with one another, and the primary purpose of all his teachings is to let God's people to see the love our Father in heaven has bestowed to His Son and how the Son loves our heavenly Father and all his sheep.

Jesus redeemed all his sheep by his own blood shed on the cross—teaching his sheep how to have faith, hope and love to our Father in heaven. All the teachings that have come from his mouth is life. All his sheep can use Jesus teachings against the attack of Satan. Jesus teachings pierced the very deep of those people with darkness in their soul, mind and heart. And once the sword (Word of God) pierced, they can never move it out. That is how powerful his teachings are! As the Word became man, and so is his promises will embrace us. May you see the grace I have seen in his teachings.

Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet

What is the "in-depth" and the "hidden" meaning of Jesus washes the disciple's feet? Why Jesus said that at that moment, the disciples do not understand what He is doing, though He said that only through the washing of feet they can be connected with him? Is it truly the actual washing that made them wholly clean and be part of Him? Even if Judas was present in the washing of feet, is he considered clean? The answer is "No", so the actual washing of feet cannot make a person clean.

Why Jesus did say that unless He washed the feet of his disciples, they had no part with Him? Remember, his disciples were with Jesus and proclaiming God the Father, but then Jesus signifies the importance of washing their feet as being connected with him; but for those who did not let Him wash their feet, Jesus emphasize that they had no part with Him. Why did the feet rather than the hands and head signify a connection with Jesus? What do feet stand for? What did the hands and head represent and why they are considered already clean? These verses are very significant for those who claimed Christianity.

What the feet, the hands and head represent?

The feet belong to the lower part of the body while the hands and head of the upper part. The feet are the basis of standing and support the whole body. Feet represent the foundation of belief. The "hands and head are already clean" means the teachings of the Bible, the works and knowledge of Jesus from birth, crucifixion, death and resurrection—these are all clean. You cannot do anything about it.

But why the feet need to be washed? Because most of those who claimed Christianity, though they profess Jesus, they mix the teachings of the Bible to the teachings of the world. They proclaim the Holy Scriptures and at the same time proclaim the teachings of man as the basis of their foundation—the foundation of their belief.

Procession ( praising and thanks giving for saving them, asking for guidance and divine providence) offer to Sto. Nino during Sinulog Festival
Procession ( praising and thanks giving for saving them, asking for guidance and divine providence) offer to Sto. Nino during Sinulog Festival | Source

Christianity as a religion is very vast. The mixing of the teachings of the Bible with the teachings of the world is very apparent. But then, though there are many sub-religion under Christianity, there is only one way, one gate, one flock.

An example of religion that proclaimed Christianity but professes also the teachings of men is the Roman Catholic.

This religion worships things and implicates that these things save them. A clear and obvious example is those who pray to Sto Nino. Sto Nino does not exist like the golden sheep in the Old Testament (the golden sheep was done by the people at that time to proclaim that this thing saved them from the hands of the Egyptians). The history of Sto. Nino was that after a battle, someone had seen an apparition of a small child, and they concluded that this apparition saved and won their battle.


They Pray to Things

If they know Jesus well, they will not even connect His name to the apparition. Why? Remember when Peter cut off the right ear of the high priest's servant, Jesus stopped Peter from further hurting the servant; Jesus touched the man’s ear and healed him.

Neither Jesus nor the disciples led any rebellion, nor do they think how vast their property or their land is. They are focused on winning the people to Father in heaven.Instead, Jesus fights using words, the Word of God. These words cut deep into their soul, penetrating the very deep of their thoughts, their hearts and their actions. Those people with darkness in their heart sees their sins and cannot stand the light of the Word, so they begin persecuting the children of God to remove the "heaviness" in their heart; but they never realize that the spear will never be moved out from their heart, mind and soul.

Making statue of this apparition and let people pray and give thanks to this thing make these practices pagans and are considered idolatry. Never will Jesus teach man to worship things, pray to things, ask and give thanks to things. That is not the way and teachings of Jesus. That is not Jesus.


They Pray to Men

This religion worships men. They worship, pray, ask for divine providence to Mary (through Hail Mary) and other men whom they make images of them to be prayed for. Understanding the meaning of "hail" is better than making many excuses. What is the implication of hail then? Are they God or man to be prayed for?

Mary is to be respected, but not to be worshiped and praised and even considered the giver of divine providence (because they asked it through prayer). Never did Jesus taught man to pray to men but only to our Father in Heaven. Praying to men is not the teaching of Jesus. That is not Jesus. This will be confirmed in first and second commandments. Jesus did not abolish the law but he upholds it.

"Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you." (Exodus 31:13) KJV

"It will be a sign between me and the Israelites forever, for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed." (Exodus 31:17 )KJV

What is the true Sabbath day?

There are those religions who moved the holy day to Sunday due to worldly beliefs like the position of the moon and others. In relation to the Scripture, the Sabbath day is in regard and in accordance to the seventh day when Father rested. The seventh day is Saturday ( to confirm this, the writer suggests that the video of Bible verses from Luke 24 on the right side be seen and listened to).

Jesus was resurrected on the early morning of the first day of the week, which is Sunday. It is not only a matter of a day, but rather it is a covenant between Father in heaven and His people. When we say covenant, then covenant it is; it cannot be moved nor it cannot be changed. The day of worship (the Sabbath day) and the people who worship must be one with the Bible and not one of the worldly condition to be able to be called God's people. If there are many teachings regarding this, then there is no "one head in one body." Many heads are not of Jesus.


The Disciple's Washing of Feet Coincides with the Vine and the Branches

The disciple's washing of feet by Jesus coincides with the teachings of the vine and the branches. Jesus explained that He is the vine, the foundation of the whole plant, and all those who branches with Him are part of Him. Apart from Jesus, no one can bear fruit and do nothing but only to be thrown into the fire and burned. If those who claimed Christianity (branches) based their foundation on Jesus (on the teachings of the Bible), then that is the only time they can give life and nourishment (fruit) to themselves and to others; but if they cannot bear fruit because they are not connected to Jesus (which signifies the disciple's washing of feet), then what is in-store for them is death.

When the Vine Coincides With the Gate and the Good Shephered

The Vine coincides with the Good Shepherd as He supports and takes care of the whole flock; and at the same time, the flock knows where their shepherd's gate (Bible's teachings as Jesus is the Word) is and where is the green pasture their master prepared for them.

Jesus said that He is the gate and whoever enters through Him will be saved. Jesus is also the Good Shepherd, and his sheep are those people who know and obey His voice. These people recognize that it is our Father in Heaven who speaks with them through their trusted master; they listen to Jesus voice, the voice of their Good Shepherd—that they became one with the Gardener (Father in heaven).

The Robbers and Thieves

Now who are these robbers and thieves? How did Jesus defeat the effects of their actions? What is the connection of this when Jesus said that He is the gate; the way, the truth and the life?

The thieves do not pass through the gate; they usually break in during night using the back door or pass through the fences to be able to loot or rob. The thieves and robbers represent those who use the teachings of the world to be able to rob followers. These include religions (Muslim, Buddhist, and the like) who proclaim Father but omit Jesus as the Savior and the Son of God. Their teachings are darkness. They cannot enter the gate because of the light (Jesus' teachings) that emanates from the gate and that they will be caught as robbers. But what good is that the sheep know the difference of the thieves and their own shepherd. They did not listen to the teachings of the robbers but know by heart and mind the voice and the teachings of their master.

The Hired Hand

Who is the hired hand then? The hired hand looks temporary for the sheep but is not the shepherd and doesn't own the sheep. The hired hand represents those religions who are preaching the Bible and at the same time the teachings of the world. The wolf is death. When the hired hand discovers the death (sins against Father in heaven), he will never do anything, he will let the sheep either dead or scattered; he will never directed the sheep to the shepherd, but instead let them die.

Gathered as One Flock

But then, though they are scattered and lost or not in the sheep pen, Jesus said when they heard His voice, they will also listen to Him; they will be gathered and be called "Jesus' flock." As the angels in heaven is of Father in heaven, so is Jesus sheep. The angels listen to the Father's voice and obey Father's command. Father has charged his angels to protect his people (who are born of spirit) from any harm.

David sees the Divine Hand of the Good Shepherd

The Oneness in the Foundation, the Body and the Head

The true body of Christ, the church, dwells in God's Word as the sole foundation of their beliefs and indulges in Jesus teachings as their head (as the Word is He). Now, the foundation, the body and the head are one. They have the same mind, same love, being one in spirit and of one mind, one hope for an everlasting life, one faith in Jesus and Father in heaven, one baptism, one God and Father of all. Now the question is what is one baptism?

Baptism refers to cleansing (water) and new life (spirit). The one baptism also refers to the full acknowledgement of whom you are receiving which coincides with one mind, one hope, one faith. This refers to the baptism of water and of the spirit. You cannot have the same mind with the baby or you cannot have the same mind with whom they receive their own baptism in the name of their religion ( because in Christianity, one is not receiving religion but Christ as the Savior and the Son of Father in heaven). But if they happen to know Jesus and believe His Word, they still can have or undergo one baptism.

This also agrees with the teaching of a newborn in which you must be born again not by flesh but of the spirit. You cannot actually go back into your mother's womb and delivers you again. It means having a new life in Christ, who teaches you how to have faith, hope and exemplary love to Father in heaven. Newborn also refers to a new man who purposely lives for Jesus and for our Father in heaven's glory. It also coincides with the teaching how to enter the kingdom of God—that a man must be like a camel, though big and sturdy but knows no sin.


"I am The Truth, The Way and The Life"

One very good example of oneness with our Father in heaven and God's people is the Holy Scripture. The scripture is written by men, but then it is called the Word of God and not the word of men.

If you happen to read this article, and you find truth, then truth it is. Jesus wants to wash your feet because Jesus wants to stand up for you and be your foundation. He wants to consume you and all the aspects of your life.

And you know the way—Jesus. That's the only way you must enter. Jesus opens the gate of the Kingdom of God for those who hear and listen to His voice.

If you happen to find truth but because of pride and self interest, you choose to disobey and continue with the route not of Jesus, then you had the full knowledge and acknowledgement of choosing death rather than life. You know the truth, yet you did not believed; you know the way; yet you choose not to follow the way of Jesus who is Jesus; then you know that in time, you'll be trash into the fire and perish.

May this article be a guiding force for you to search your heart.

There is one question I am going to leave with you—Where is your home?


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