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When the Holidays meet up with the Tarot card the Tower

Updated on December 5, 2011

Are you experiencing turmoil during the holidays

When the holidays meet up with the Tarot card The Tower

Chaos has snuck in like a mouse in the middle of the night. Instead of going for the proverbial cheese in a trap, it misplaces your mind for swiss cheese. Logic is misplaced with the lies we tell ourselves. You know those lies that we constantly affirm in our mind? We make it a mantra and set out spinning out of control on our wheel of life.

The Tower tarot card will shake your foundation, and to grab ahold of something outside yourself is futile. Everything outside you is a delusion, set up by how you perceive your own world. There is nothing there now but the fallacies of the lies you have believed in for so long. Your explanations of why your life is the way it is, is made up of poison. Each time you accept one of those, you are adding poison to your mind.

The Tower is needed in your life periodically. It tends to show up often during the last couple months of the year. Each year you run haphazardly into all your blind spots, trying to make sense out of your life. This cycle runs until you fall off that proverbial merry-go-round. Unfortunately, falling off is not the answer. Instead you need to step off at your own free will.

This hell you are experiencing is actually hell on earth. You so crave for someone to enter your life and save you. You are looking for someone to love you so you feel loved. It is interesting how this ‘madness’ hits around Yule time, when the craving of a savior is seen through so many different types of religions. We still tend to walk around like hollow bones, waiting for something or someone to fill us with hope and happiness. We are all guilty of this at times, and no one is excluded from having a personal visit by the Tower. The question is how do we step off the merry-go-round, verses falling off?

December is a month that reminds us of hope. It is a month of offering us faith in brighter times. The light will shine through the darkness, as it is part of a cycle. This light though needs to be ignited from within, if we wish to step off this cycle. When we can embrace the time of hope is always within, verses looking for a shining gift to bring us ever lasting joy. When we can understand there is always an up and down period, and we just need to let time move through us naturally, verses blaming the world for our troubles. When we light the candle within us can we finally be free of the delusions we believe is our reality.

This light within is our spirit. Our spirit is always connected with the Creator. It is the vessel of the Sources energy to us, and ours to It. When we are in the flow of giving and receiving from this connection, we begin to understand the delusion our physical world offers. We also realize it can never fill our inner vessel as well as the God-Spirit connection. When we try to get these objects to do so, we falter and fall. We feel lost and so lonely. There is no other alternative to this. The outside will never bring you constant joy, but it will share the joy your Spirit connection has. If you are not connected than you have set your connection to false idols. The importance of our spirit is squashed, and life becomes bitter and bleak.

Has the Tower entered your life again? Maybe it is here to help you to reconnect with your Spirit and God. God is just a term; any type of other name may be applied. Great Spirit is connected to our Spirit though, and we are being reminded.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you very much Eddy

      I too wish you a Happy New Year.



    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting and I look forward to reading many more of yours .

      I wish you a Happy New Year.