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When the clocks all finally die.

Updated on February 25, 2016

Eternity, timelessness, is counting down to us. As Christians our eyes might have been afflicted by the subtle lies from an enemy invisible to the world all in all. Our sword, our Bible, relies at rest; slowly closed and dipped in dust. But where is the curiosity of home? The rooms within timelessness? What of the people who have persevered death, returned with amazing tales? Where is the momentum of conviction in our dying world? Where is a Father's love? What of this Father of ours? Can Love breathe? Can Love truly forget? And this enemy of ours, this nemesis... What drives a soulless angel to wrath in these last moments? There is fire coming to him, and others which will find it's breathless gasp undying.

And yet hell is without time as well. In fact if eye can not comprehend heaven, or God's thoughts toward us, what of an eternal curse, punishment, death? What of a place which is without dimension, fashioned for fallen angels and not intended for man?

When the clocks all die.

When the clocks all die and time becomes timelessness we, alive in Christ, shall shed morality and put on immortality. We will win. But what are our actions before an end? When the second hands slowly twitches to midnight? What will our rewards be? Will our lives meet the Biblical content we read so casually? Does our portrayal of Christ find us reaching to His lost, or simply receiving His forgiveness?

When all the clocks die our memories and souls will be all we take with us. Hell will be the only death that will continually die. The next pain closest to God's Heart will be our eyes in His as He begins to take into account our lives.

But as Christians, the moment after, when we cry for the lost we missed, our Jesus will embrace us. And after the clocks die, eternal life will begin.

Clayton Jennings

Jesse Duplantis: Heaven

The video of Jesse Duplantis visit to heaven is a widely spread video. Often times people seem to have a visitation into heaven and it seems Christ allows it to encourage His people on earth. The Word speaks that as we keep our minds on our King's return we purify ourselves.

The writer of this hub was actually there during this very service (Houston at Lakewood Church in the 90's) and after posting this video decided to load it into his mp3 player.

Watch and pray. These words were spoken by Jesus Christ centuries ago. What of them now? These words. To watch and to pray. To search within us. To draw out of us in understanding the characteristics of God. To handle His zoa, the God kind of life. But what of His pain? What of the souls which slip into eternity as shifting sands in an hourglass? Watch and pray for the un-promised moments our lost loved ones may not have? Watch and pray with every promised Word of God. With every breath falling into a Creator's Hands we are to watch and to pray.

But some questions left unanswered. Why this simple dash between timelessness? Why such a war unseen? Why the wait before this last few steps?

The Bible speaks a parable of wheat and tares growing alongside each other until the harvest when angels come to gather. As is now, one can literally walk alongside the line between hell and heaven on earth and witness the difference.

Nicole Boyd


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    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 21 months ago


      This is a beautiful hub, I am currently in a year long amazing study of revelation. The time is now to focus our attention on preparation for our heavenly home. Lovely words written here and eloquently stated.

      Thank you for sharing and reaching out in witness for our King.

      Blessing always