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When the time is ripe, things happen on its own!

Updated on October 19, 2012

Sri Krishna teaches Arjuna!

It is His Will.

Many a time, we embark upon some work, planning meticulously but to our consternation, things do not fall in as we surmised. Suddenly one day we find that without our volition, things fall in place. I was intrigued about this. As i ruminate the teachings contained in the scriptures, and the voice of many saints and sages, i concluded that it is His Will that happens and not our plan or desires. I don't say we should not plan nor act. NO. It is the duty of every human being to use the discrimination and act. But the results are never in our hand. There is an adage, "Man proposes, God disposes!

The human effort and God's grace when synchronized fructify. In the famous song "Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna advises the warrior Arjuna, "Fight since it is your duty. Perform your duty and leave everything to Me! Here Sri Krishna is conveying a great Truth to Arjuna. "Never aspire for the results Arjuna. Just do your duty efficiently without attaching yourself to the results that is going to accrue. But, in mundane life, we start expecting the results from the planning stage itself. We are not able to put in our true efforts once our vision is on the result. On the contrary, one who performs any work for the sake of work and as a duty, he would have executed the work nicely. The satisfaction he gets by executing a work sincerely is itself joy. At the same time, he should not bother about the outcome.

No doubt, every action produces some results whether we aspire for it or not. Our duty ends with the sincere execution of the task in hand and nothing more. This is called "Karma Yoga" in the Bagawat Gita! How one should perform a task without any eye on the results?

Let us analyze the situation a little further. For instance, there is a game like foot ball or cricket. If our mind sways and hanker for the 'win', our focus get distracted from the game itself and it is possible that we may commit some faults! Otherwise, if our aim is only on the play, our performance would be best. A serene mentality develops when you just perform your duty without aiming for the result. This is really the gist of Bagawat Gita.


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