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When things don't go your way

Updated on May 29, 2014

What to do when things go wrong?

There are many phases in a man's life in which he feels worthless, fatigued and rejected. In such situations man tends to take some inaccurate steps and decisions in desperation. It is during this time, that he forgets all his teachings and learnings, and believes that any path that relieves him of his grievances is the right path. What One should Do Is :

Share your problems with others
Share your problems with others | Source
  • SHARE WITH NEAR AND DEAR ONES : Discuss the problem you're in with people you trust, like your immediate family or close friends.

  • GIVE IT A THOUGHT : Don't take any hasty decisions without thinking about your situation thoroughly.

  • EMPATHISE : Put yourself in others shoes and try to comprehend their state of mind.

"What Are hard times? Times When Humans forget to smile."

Mistakes we tend to make

When one is trying to achieve a goal and has failed multiple times, he or she is likely to feel unfit to achieve the goal.

One must review the steps he or she had taken in earlier attempts and make note of his or her understanding of the possible blockages and mistakes.Next the person should look for alternatives to omit these blockages or mistakes.Once the person has realised his errors and also devised a suitable alternate plan of action, the probability of success will increase manifolds.

Don't give up

After having tried over and over again one tends to loose hope and eventually give up on the idea of achieving a specific goal. Remember, DO NOT give up. One must fight back the urge to let go. Hang on to your dreams, because, your dreams define you.The amount of hard work one puts in a particular task, determines how fruitful the results would be.

Always Remeber your roots, Never forget your principles in life. If you compromise with your own Beliefs, then you have lost yourself to the world.

"Reshape yourself through the power of your will" - BhagwadGita Quote. Those who have conquered themselves,live in peace,alike in cold and heat, pleasure and pain, praise and blame.To such people a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same.Because they are impartial, they rise to great heights


When you make it happen

When you keep trying, and don't give in to the trials of life, you are rewarded with the shear joy of achieving what you desired. One develops a sense of self-confidence. It gives you the ability to aim higher, strive to beat your own records and makes you wiser.

Although, One feels liberated, and experiences great joy only if he or she has worked towards his goal and fulfilled his duties without any anxiety about the results.

Don't forget those who helped

While sharing grievances is a great way to feel lighter and to feel motivated, one must not forget to share his or her happy moments with their dear ones as well. They deserve to be a part of your happiness as they were the ones who helped you out of your hard times. Always thank them for being there for you. That makes your relationship with them stronger.

Why things go wrong

Have you faced similar situations in your life?

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Did you identify yourself in the above article? Did you feel that you often resort to escapism or become wary about your own ways?

Share with us your thoughts and views, by leaving comments below.


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