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When to Pick Up the Sword

Updated on December 29, 2011

Every warrior must draw their sword. It is a fact of life, and no one can resist its power. The question is: when to draw the sword? The radical fundamentalist does not fear to strap a bomb to his chest and kill hundreds or even thousands of innocent people for his cause. They do not fear to fly an airliner into buildings for their belief in an afterlife of happiness. Satanists have not feared the consequences when they burnt down churches and do their acts of evil on the streets. The pornography industry has its highest sales online with “free” sites that offer sex at the click of a button. Many people fight against the name of Christ thinking they are helping the world by putting Christianity on reins and forcing the Christian against the wall. Not allowing the Christian to pray in schools, in the government or in public. All have drawn their sword in the world war that spans every place on the planet. The part that baffles me the most is that, more often than not, it is the Christian that is last to fight—if they choose to fight at all.

We are called to a war that involves everyone. We fear to speak out because we fear being ostracized for our faith—do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that all Christians fear stepping into the fray—I am saying that most fear drawing the sword. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, according to the Book of James, which tells us that a righteous man’s prayer is effective against the plight of the enemy. Today, I am not railing against the evil of this world, I am speaking to the men and women who confess to be Christians and do nothing but sit on the sidelines. We take all the evils of this world and just let it rule and trample on our families and loved ones. The “sword” of the evil one has infiltrated our homes, churches and lives, and most times we do nothing to fight against it.

What are we to do?

First of all, in order to draw the sword one must believe in the Commander. If we are to take up arms against an enemy who vastly outnumbers us, has superior forces and believes what he is doing—we will fail. We need to either believe in Christ or we do not. As I have written before, there are no shades of gray. We need to stand firm on the Gospel, on the Word of God. The Holy Bible is just one of our weapons of this warfare. It is the sword that we are to draw against the enemy. The Scriptures, (and, yes, the Scriptures are not perfect), are the instruction manual to our lives. Who, in their right minds, can read the Ten Commandments and say—number five is wrong, or number two has no value. If we, as Christians, believe in Christ, we believe that everything He has to say is for us. The Scriptures are relevant to our everyday lives and in every situation — but, first we must believe.

Our God does not command us to kill others. Our God does not command us to spread hatred or fear. We are called to “turn the other cheek” and to “love our neighbor as our selves!” Two concepts that is almost impossible to live by in this world. But, nowhere does God tell us to lie down and allow sin to take control. God wants us to fight by prayer and action—not by sleep and inaction. We are to use the Churches as a place of refuge and healing, not a place where pride and money control it.

I often think about the words of Gandhi, where he said: “I have never become a Christian because I never met one!” What a testament against the Christian people. What a testament against our beliefs. What are we doing to support the Commander? Are we standing up against the enemy? We need to fight against the world and against Satan himself. He has no power over us as long as we keep our eyes on our Savior. We need to look toward His actions on this world. Christ, as man, feared to go to the cross because of the pain He would have to endure. He became man to show us the way as a man. But, also as God, He did not fear going to go to the cross because He was positive that He was going to defeat death and hell forever—which He did!

Christ believed in His Father—and in Himself! He had confidence in His own abilities and His own strength because His Father was His Rock, His confidence and His shield. We also need to believe in Christ—and ourselves! If we do not have faith in ourselves—WE CAN DO NOTHING! We have to love ourselves. We have to have pride in ourselves. We have to have confidence in ourselves. I am not talking about the self-serving, selfish love, pride and confidence, I am speaking about the selfless kinds. We need to stand up for our faith. We need to pull ourselves out of the hole we have put ourselves in, wash away the dirt and fight for our rights in this world. We only have a short time on this world to live, to love and to act. We are called to fight either by our words, our writings, our actions, our service—whatever strength God has given you—USE IT!

Swords come in many different shapes and sizes and an effective warrior needs to know how to use all of them, but a master swordsman knows how to use at least one flawlessly—or near to it. And, by using that sword perfectly, they would be able to pick up any other weapon of our warfare and at least keep the enemy at bay until support can come to give aid. The weapons of our warfare are to help all of mankind, not just ourselves. We, as Christians, believe as in Philippians: to live is Christ, to die is gain! But, until we pass away from this world, no matter how old we are, no matter how sick we are, no matter where we are—we need to fight!


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    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Iron Knight: My Bible and God's Holy Word the Holy Scriptures are the "Christian's Sword" This is the most powerful of weapons one can have and use.