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Discrimination of " Native Americans" In Today's Society

Updated on May 2, 2013

There is so many forms of discrimination in society today this is but only one topic . If this offends anyone I sincerely apologize I am not referring to anyone in particular . This article was not intended to offend or single out one certain person or race .

Let's explain what discrimination means disliking some one because of the color of their skin , their culture , there religion or there way of life or their beliefs. This is done because people do not understand the difference between other cultures or races ,creeds or religions .

People should take more time to understand others rather than judging them because they are different. We as a society should try to get to know a person for who they are not where they came from or the color of there skin , those same people that we discriminate against sometimes could share things with us that could be beneficial to us as whole.

For centuries the Native American culture has been discriminated against they were told that they were animals and heathens and that they weren't even human .

The Native Americans were stripped of there land and put on the trail of tears to what is now Oklahoma they were sent to boarding schools where the native children were not allowed to speak there native language there medicine bags and any thing they had that was native was taken and thrown away.

The Native Americans have always been treated as if they had no feelings or they did not matter and their beliefs and rituals were discarded as heathenism , but if society would have tried to understand the Native Americans they would have found out that they are very spiritual people and they have a strong belief in the creator and a deep respect for the land, and all things around them .

If society would have listen to the Native Americans the earth would not be in the shape its in now such as global warming.

When will society learn to live together and stop the discrimination , they Native Americans are as much a part of society as anybody else and they need to be treated like people instead of outsiders.

I am a Native American myself and can tell you there is pride in the Native American culture and when we are discriminated against because of our heritage the hurt cuts very deep .

Discrimination is caused from people not understanding another culture or way of life and is usually taught from generation to generation at some point we need to learn and break the cycle of discrimination and hatred for one another . After all we are all the Creators children .

The Native American are treated as outsiders still today in society an example of this is the Native Americans are not accepted as a viable applicant for a job, When a crime is committed against a Native American the perpetrator is either doesn't get charged or the charges are dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge.

Hopefully one day the discrimination will stop and people will accept the Native Americans as people .


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    • Cheryl Wadkins profile image

      lady cherokee 4 years ago

      How much longer are we going to discriminate against the Native Americans we need to wake up and see the Native Americans are people with feelings too and they have a lot to offer to society.