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When you stop worrying miracles happens

Updated on March 7, 2012

I’ve been looking back at certain events in my life. It always seems that every time I go through a crisis it forces my focus. This time around though I’ve decided to be abundant rather than wait for a crisis to show up. I’ve noticed that with each event in my life that required a miracle of some sort, only happened when I just stopped worrying about it. Usually with me I’d have exhausted myself so much worrying about it that I’d finally throw my hands up and surrender and let go. I often think and wonder if I’d let go sooner would things have happened sooner? Would I go through the whole uphill when what I really should have done was go downhill? I have to smile though, its part of life, its part of our life lessons. And it has done me good because I’m better at it now than I ever was. Below I will share a few of my experiences just to show you what I mean.


In 1996 I moved away from where I lived and moved to live with my sister. At the time I had no job. I’d been trying for weeks to find a job. I was frustrated, angry tired of rejection after rejection. Everyday I tried and tried to get a job. I went from interview to interview and each time I was let down again and again. Each time I felt worse, each time applying for jobs in the same state of feeling let down. Believe it or not, people pick up your vibration whether you pick up on it or not. You can sense the mood of a room of people when you walk into it. I was going to interviews with a demoralised attitude and getting no where. One evening I sat down with my sister and asked her what was wrong with me. She said something important; she said ‘nothing is wrong with you. Just let it go. Stop applying for jobs, stop thinking about applying for jobs. Go out to the beach, go to the cinema, do things you enjoy. Read, write. Do what you enjoy and just let go.’ She also told me not to worry about money or anything else and just be. The first few days were hard, every now and then the thought, the worry about finding a job would crop up. But as the week progressed I began to take her advice. I started reading Og Mandino ‘The Choice.’ I went to the movies and took long relaxing walks. I really began to enjoy myself and completely forget about looking for a job. About two weeks into this something amazing happened. A job vacancy had come about and my cousin who was manager at this store had heard I had been looking for a job so he got in touch with me. It was amazing, I didn’t do a thing and the job just came to me. You see there was a reason I got the job at this place that I will share later. I worked my way up into managerial position and later this is where I would meet my then husband.


So I was working, life was improving. I worked my way up the ranks and life was turning out the way it should. But then one day I realised that I wanted to share my life with someone. I wanted to have a partner with whom I could do all the fun things of life with. And so I began to set my intention. And then I did what I always did, I began making the effort to find him. And each time I found no one. I began to question myself again. I began to wonder if I would ever be with anyone. And again my sister stepped into the rescue, same words, ‘let it go.’ The thing is, the universe has heard you and will deliver to you what is a perfect match at that time. So I began again to enjoy my life, go to the movies, look after myself, it was when I was in a state of pure joy and excitement, it was then that I began to attract male friends into my life. It was amazing how all at once men started to be interested in me. But none of them suited me until one afternoon I was at work. I had to stand on the drive thru to cover for lunch when a young man who worked there came onto his shift. He stopped and began to talk to me. What was weird was that he had the exact sort of mind set I had at the time and we just clicked. And it was then I meet the man who I would be with for eight years. Even though things didn’t work out, he was an amazing man when I met him and still is. He was what I needed to bring me to the next stage in my life. And with him we had a beautiful daughter. I think back and I’m amazed at how my life fell into place. How I landed that job and how I met the man I was with for the eight years at the very place I got my job.

Debt and divorce five years ago

Life did come crushing down on me and I did find myself back in the, ‘what’s wrong with me mode.’ But after being chased by debt collectors for a long long time; I finally just lifted my hands up in surrender and let it go. It was then that everything fell into place. Looking back now I see a pattern. I’ve learnt that letting it go is the fastest way to make things happen. We’ve been taught to believe that we need to act; to make an effort but sometimes it’s the effort that stops it from coming. Always check your emotions when you’re making an effort. How are you feeling? I know that each time I’m making the effort there is always fear, desperation and frustration. That is an indication that my vibration is not right and that I won’t get from lack to abundance in that vibration. Letting go and focusing on what’s good, gratitude and love will bring results a lot quicker. I specifically remember the time the debt had crept on and I’d lost my job. It was a dark place and I remember just thinking, ‘I can’t do this anymore!’ I always remember this because that morning as I took my daughter to school, we had the best time ever together. It had been snowing, and we took time to appreciate the snow, to enjoy it. I remember getting back home and logging onto my computer and checking my email. A friend who knew I had been searching for a job had sent me an email. There was a job opening with his company. Things just fell into place.

So from now on, enjoy life and let go. Just as your body is able to keep your heart beating, your lungs functioning and everything else, the universe can take care of you. Let go and let God.



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