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What spiritual practices/disciplines do you practice to strengthen your relationship with God?

Updated on April 4, 2012

When life gets you down, LOOK UP!

I love college professor's! They ask the most thought provoking question! This week it was what spiritual practices/disciplines do you practice to strengthen your relationship to God? I thought it may be of benefit if I shared my answer so here you go!

I find myself always talking to God. I mean always. I am not sure how often I stop but of course I do like to talk too! I can say that the reason I started doing that was because I had suffered so many “people” losses in my life that I wasn’t sure who I could count on or depend on so I found myself searching for His voice for comfort, strength and sanity. I find that He is always there and if He ever leaves it’s because I left Him, not vice versa. I’ve been thru a lot of different changes in my life but He is always there and I need that assurance. People come and go in our lives, jobs change, kids grow up and life is always full of surprises, twists, turns and unexpected events so therefore I know I need to listen to the stillness of His voice in my heart. This is why even though I talk to Him a lot I know when it’s time to just be still and listen. I know if I hear something good that it is from God don’t question it just go with it! It will confirm itself it is true if I have any doubts at all that I am listening to me and not Him. I just know over time I have learned that if I put God first in my life everything else will always fall into place. It may not be the way I expect but I trust God’s plans are always better than mine! We have to learn how to let go and let God! BTW, yes I USE to be a control freak, but I’ve enjoyed my life a lot better since I let Him lead! Sometimes we need to be totally broken and lose all control to entirely give over our lives in complete surrender to the will of God. The key word here is CONTENTMENT!! Be content in ALL circumstances!

I find myself saying the Lord’s Prayer a lot as well and the reason why I do this is because once again I have been hurt by a lot of very close people in my life and it is the only way to put the past behind me and find forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most terrific gifts I have ever given myself. It has allowed me not to carry resentments and bitterness. It has allowed me to look myself in the mirror and say, “I’m ok without this or that, I am my own person.” It has allowed me to put my head on the pillow at night and rest knowing that if the Lord calls me home in my sleep, well I know for sure I am going because I am ok with me. It is not my job to have the way other people have affected me interfere with my salvation, freedom and serenity in Christ. More so I have found the best thing for me to do is to pray for those who hurt me. I don’t want the pain they caused taking up space in my head! If I didn’t do the crime there is no use of me serving someone else’s time!

One of the most recent things that I am currently doing is daily drawing a triangle with a cross on the middle of it on my right palm and my fiancée is doing the same thing. I had learned years ago that there is a secret to triangles and getting closer to those you love and God. You draw a triangle and on the bottom right corner is you on the bottom right corner is that other person and at the top of the triangle is God. There are legs to you and the other person and there is a leg from you and from them to God. At the bottom you are separated from the other person and God. However as you and the other person move to get closer to God you grow closer to each other. At the top all of you meet and God is still at the very top of the point. You are now joined together with your loved one and Christ all three of you working together and the two of you working towards the goal to get closer to God and closer to each other. We know as we begin our married life that our relationship to Christ is the most important for without it we have nothing. We know if we don’t work together that what God has called us to do together cannot be accomplished. So we need God and we need each other. All three of us working together for the same goal and that is to give glory to God! I guess you want to know what the cross in middle means? Well I’m not sure we just thought it would remind us even more on WHO is leading the way, the truth and the LIFE in our lives!


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