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Were Adam and Eve the Only Two Created, People on Earth? Were They Even on Earth?

Updated on September 26, 2012

In The Beginning God Created !

Where and when I first came to Christ or to Jesus I was always confused as many new comers are even still are many long time Believers. The story of Creation has a many religions confused and mystified. But the Christians stories and their Bible ring the truest, when the complete book is read, re-read, and meditated upon. But I am here to tell you there is one more thing one needs to be done, if one is to ever find the truth of any of these religions and their stories.

One must believe and ask of their Authors the truth of their story. There is a belief with men and science that there was a BIG BANG and this is also in the story of the Christian's Bible. There is a Belief with men and science that the Earth is Millions of years old this is also in the story. It is not until one comes to God and to Jesus or rather to GOD from Jesus that one by asking and believing with a true belief or a wanting faith will receive the gift of the comforter. Or the spirit of God the Father.

Some will very much disagree as well they should, the Baptism is where and when you receive, this "Comforter" that Jesus promised to send. But this is a seed that Blossoms as fast and as willing as the believer is able, in some it is instantaneous, in others the growth is stunned or restricted. In me it shot up and was stunned it would be thirty -five years later with much pruning and care that it would begin to grow again.

This is when and where you finally concede, when you finally let the Lord openly speak to and through you, and to all who are seeking the truth. With this said I will try to break the story down for this one asking this Question.

Were Adam and Eve the only ones on Earth?

Well the Story goes in an order that is not obvious to the new seeker it starts or seems to start off in the Beginning of the WORLD which is not the case the Bible starts off telling the reader about the Beginning of time after the Fall of Lucifer and the angels underneath him. Now I know of all the arguments that the schooled Theologians will counter with or the long time pew warmer and so called studiers to the BIBLE will say, I use to be one of these, thank God for his Mercy and Grace.

The story starts off in the beginning GOD created the Heaven and the Earth. This is a Fact stop never read any more into that statement period. God is the one who Created all. Then the story goes on to say the Earth was with out form or that it no longer had a form ask yourself a question now GOD is and always was. He says so, very often He Creates for His own pleasure, all things seen and unseen. The Statement is after the fact of the first! GOD knows How to write Don't you think?

The Bible is not for everyone it is not revealed to everyone, But it is available to all who would seek its knowledge, with a contrite heart. For until you know that you are indeed a sinner, there is no need to repent. Only those seeking Repentance can find truth.

This being said I will now leave the known way of the theologian to explain the Beginning. I am going to tell the story of Creation that lead to Time on this Earth and for us peoples.

Heaven and earth and the universe. God before the fall was busy creating and He would return often to heaven to give forgiveness and instructions. He never stopped creating for us it is what He did and does. So He put people for lack of a better word in charge. This would be of the different sections of God's World. There is and has always been a Governmental body in the WORLD of GOD's Creation. There was no time there, there were no limits on any But there was instructions and there was an order and there will always be a seat of forgiveness, for those willing to repent from doing wrong or incorrect things which offend GOD the Creator and His Creation. There is only one GOD! And everything and everyone belong to Him! And depend upon Him.

The parable of the Vineyard

Jesus tells many parables, this one of the Vineyard best describes the Beginning of Time and the replenishing of the Earth or the Beginning of Time here on this Earth. The story goes on to Say that God moved upon the face of the deep this my friends is God in a far off country or space, deep space, and then it states that God's spirit moved upon the Face of the waters. Well we know that waters is a lower form of seas or oceans this is the inhabitants of earth before the fall or just right after the fall. If you have never heard of the fall or the Kata-bole. This is when God himself returned to Earth and the Big Bang! Took Place. Or the overthrowing of Lucifer and his angels who lied and deceived the children of God into thinking Lucifer was God.

Then God reveals the truth. Gives Light and because God never repents from the giving of His Gifts we have to go through this our story, our lives as it is being played out today. For Lucifer was a Great and glorious Cherubim who earn the right to oversee this Earth while God was away and Creating or planning and providing for our eternity.

To break down what God has so stated in just so little verses would take a few gigabytes here! Basically God is setting or re-setting the Earth back to a form were repentance and forgiveness can take place. But Lucifer who is Now called of; by God, Satan.

Satan has so deeply ingrained the false teachings with these children of God. That God says there is no truth left in him as Lucifer. So He redesigns for them (those drawn from or those who left their first estate or their place in God's Heaven) The Heaven that fell, and now this earth, both have been redesigned. This was the 1/3 of the heaven that was, as well as the Earth that was. Instead of correcting them to the truth of this lie of Satan's, basically shaming them to death or non-existences.

Because they did believe this Lie of Satan's That he Satan, Is their God. So GOD turns them into men and women. God does this with Satan LET US! Satan and God are the US! "in let us" make them in our image. God is proving once again that Satan is Not GOD, but is in deed God's.

God gives them physical bodies and sets them on a course to the truth of Satan's Lies. For they have forgotten about God or were in deed never told of God. By the One who was to do this. This is the sixth day creation or the redesigning of the lost Children. God redesigns the whole of earth their fallen 1/3 of and their former Heaven and right before these lost children, so that they can see the Truth as to who is GOD. God does this, while they are yet in their spiritual God given Bodies.

They (these Children) were planted there for a harvest, much like the vines in the vineyard in the parable. Lucifer stole that Harvest and Murder those that were told by God to fetch it for to bring it to Him. God is a Creator a Master Creator and never stops! This is shown in science as the out ward expansion of space. And Its continual growth.

As to the word murdered. Why? Those sent would have reaped from the retrieving of the harvest that God sent for them to return unto Him. But Satan and his angels disallowed them or beguiled them, which in effect cost them dearly. For in either case they did not do, as their were command to do by GOD!

So no! The Adam and the Eve were Not alone ever.

The Adam was created on the eighth day after God had rested. This is the second Generation which we are still in. There are some who will say no this is the first generation, and if you never go any further then this book, it may always seem to be the case. But it is not so according to the story line of the complete book.

After God had rested? Why does a god need rest? We are told to meditated day and night and to fast when we need to know that which is hidden beneath the surface of the scriptures. Some will say it was because of all His work, but in fact it is from His discontent, or for a lack of a better word His Anger.

This is firstly telling of all that which God has done to right the lies of Satan's to God's Children while God was away Creating for our Future. God even went as far as creating a new Being to get Satan to repent! This was The Adam and he was in a place of his own and he was to be taught by God directly and warned of Satan, but there was a stand off a stale mate between the new creation and Satan. So God formed from the Man a Woman not a brand new creation of herself, but a division of the former Created Man of Dirt or clay! A message to the one thinking him self the better or the equal to the GOD of the All the World. Satan can't create he can only imitate and manipulate that which is.

Man was made lesser than or divided. To cause the action of repentance to proceed. The one man was made lesser than, was Satan. It Grieved God to do this to the man to make the man as guilty as the fallen Cherubim, But the man can and will repent as were the Devil will not!

There is a way for the man, there is a way for the deceived children, there was a way for Satan and the fallen angels. There is no longer a way from them, they refused God once and for always. They have Left their first estate and defile the new in other words they denied God thinking they, then could not be touch because of the former promises , of which God never repents.

This is were we are today, being fooled into thinking there is no God, that there is only This, that we can comprehend with our senses and our mind.

Those that were redesigned and chose again to, not believe the truth, remain here still in chains awaiting judgment, as the rest of the world ( this fallen 1/3 of the former Heaven) is being reborn into this world through the Adam and Eves of God. God 's chosen peoples.

These fallen Angels that refused to be reborn or born of woman. Did combine with and married the redesigned that were made innocent by God, And placed in these new flesh bodies from the redesigned 1/3 of heaven that fell. This is who Cain intermingled or married in the land of Nod. As well as the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Later this world our Earth became corrupted again by Satan and the fallen angels.

The Story of Noah and the ark is in the scriptures and our bibles, but is missing quite a bit of the information of the story, as well of the story of the garden and what happens after the Garden. But It (the Story) still rings true with out the additional informations of the other Books and/or stories.

Spirit Made Flesh for the Forgiveness of the Fallen One 's Sins. Blood for the washing of their second call to repentance. Still  Failing along now with the new creations and Fire for all stripping away every lie once and for ALL!
Spirit Made Flesh for the Forgiveness of the Fallen One 's Sins. Blood for the washing of their second call to repentance. Still Failing along now with the new creations and Fire for all stripping away every lie once and for ALL!

What is the sin of Man?

OF The Adam the sin is believed to be of disobedience, this is the case. For man hearkened to his weaker self or divided self and Partook of Satan also, which was against the direct commandment from God not to do!

He Man could have forsook his weaker self the Woman, in which case only God knows what would have happened. But instead chose to side with Her over God. This is Man's sin disobedience.

The sin of the Redesigned is Unbelief! After all they beheld and all that the Lord God did do within those first six days for them! And then the rejuvenation of their, fallen heaven, and then seeing what Satan did do unto the Newly created Being Adam!

They still chose, They still choose to believe in the lies of Satan. That Satan is their father and creator and not The GOD! This is the original sin spoken of, it is their denial of God and to whom He is. So now here we are, on the Earth and It has been Condemned in sin too. But! God being the Creator and The Father provides for His Children an escape.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Most interesting read. Thank you..

    • Oscarlites profile image

      Oscar Jones 

      6 years ago from Monroeville, Alabama

      Agree that God is Supreme and unequaled by any other. that Jesus is the Mediator, the Go Between for Man to reach God.

      Agree that Adam, it appears had the choice and stood with Eve; what ever the consequence. that it brought severe and lasting consequence. also that God did not totally forsake them, but they had to seek him out , versus in the garden he come to them. ( other books describe Adams anguish, living in caves outside the garden and in terror of soul darkness and blackness, grieved and at times stood outside the gate calling to God, in sorrow. of losing his first estate.)

      Agree that God has a plan, of redemption, and yet it is hid from them that are lost; not many mighty or noble, nor proud will find their way back. Jesus is typified in the Scripture as the second man Adam, to fulfill the prophecy of sons and daughters, and being yet our high preist of his divine nature, standing before God for us. Yet the eyes of Man are blinded: yet "ye brethren are no longer in darkness.."; once he calls us and we are born back into his kingdom as sons of God!

      "that which is born of flesh is flesh, and that which is born of spirit is spirit!" in this he IS discoverable. We CAN find him. Job asked "oh that i might find Him', .. and in the end Job DID .

    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      7 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      GOD referrers to him self as I am That I am. I place no limits upon GOD the Father or GOD as the Creator.

      GOD places these Limits upon Himself as He comes in the Male role. Which in olden days was the Power role. GOD is not pure spirit when He descends into a lower form.

      I think you answered that for your self there. GOD in a lesser form is never weaker nor stronger then the Pure Spirit Form which I agree with you on that. He is and I agree He is neither Male or Female, but All that is possible to be GOD will and can be at anytime or even at the same Time.

      This My friend is what Makes GOD a God, or rather The GOD. He is UN discoverable unto us in our present form or even in an Angelic form. So Yes, I believe He is Our Unknown. But No Fear dear HE is Coming HOME!

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      7 years ago from Beautiful South

      Sinbad, have you ever had an out-of-body experience? Have you ever experienced a spirit trying to take you over as in "The Exorcist?" Until you can say "yes" to either or both questions, your words are just words out of a book. Faith is the belief in what we read or are told. Knowledge is what we experience. Knowledge overrides faith or belief. I respect your right to your beliefs, but I can't follow them when I have experienced things your explanation of the Bible can't explain.

      And in the old Babylonian translations, "Adam" or "Adama" meant slave. Let’s look at your statement "God is beyond Spiritual beyond Mind or Body. HE is our UNKNOWN (emphasis yours).” Take it apart: “God is beyond Spiritual” How can God be beyond spiritual when God is pure spirit? Therefore God is a known quantity. “…beyond mind or body.” I agree with that because mind and body are lower level. When you keep referring to God as “HE”, you are lowering God to the level of mind and body because God needs no gender. That would make God an outside entity, not the spirit that drives all. Your explanations make sense only to a follower of the Old Testament, and Jesus Christ made it clear that he was here to fulfill the Old Testament.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      7 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      GOD the Father and The Creator are the very substance we reside within in Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit or the Comforter. Are in Fact GOD dumbing down unto us in are current condition as to be able to Co-exist as we are. or as some like to think today at the same level of vibration.

      Jesus is much or is liken to an Avatar A consciousness in the form of our likeness as to have us better relate to the GOD with No Body such as ours. Jesus is the Avatar and the Holy Spirit is the Likeness of our Consciousness. The Bridge that Jesus Promised to send as He was needed again By the Father to complete the task within Heaven For even there GOD needs an Avatar of a Heavenly Nature or Body. GOD is beyond Spiritual beyond Mind or Body. HE is our UNKNOWN.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      7 years ago from Beautiful South

      I just have a little trouble seeing God as an external creator who watches us from the outside. Even my Baptist Sunday School teacher when I was a child said that since God was all, he had only his own essence to work with when he made man. I use "he" and "man" here to include the feminine because gender is needed only for procreation.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      8 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      lone77star The group Belongs to Adam. Adam and Eve were One Flesh Not A group of flesh. This is easy to come to. Now why Would I believe that Adam was a group? No! I would believe however that what the book is telling me, is God had no one to teach these that are wrapped in flesh Why?

      Because Satan has no truth found within him. Hence this is why God change his Name to this of Satan, Death, Murder, Liar, etc. What say you was His name prior to his fall of Grace? I say it was Lucifer who Jesus beheld falling as a Star unto earth.

      Now to simplify Ego what is ego? It is all in all a consideration of self and only selfishness. Or a faulty God complex which Who has? Why Satan of course. While this of course is Both Satan and Man now. This is why REPENTANCE is the Key to salvation. Repent and sin no more, or be found guiltless why? Because Jesus has took all of the Sins of the World and Made them Void, If you repent and follow Him or trust in and believe in and upon Him.

      Able was a key to Innocence for Adam and Eve and Satan who were all in the Garden or Paradise Fell! How did they fall? Satan refuse to repent once again, and Eve also desire to be a GOD not As GOD is, but to be A god or even further still The only Female God. She chose the wants Of Satan and caused her Spouse to fall also.

      And Adam Chose Eve over GOD it is strange at first, but it is very natural to see that this is what has been happening ever since.

      No Satan is a Fallen Cherubim an actual being who was given authority to correct and teach as God was away creating at the edge of the field expanding our horizons in a far off country (Deep Space) For this is what GOD did and does He Creates, Supports, and Provides and now He corrects as well, that which has become damaged.

      Satan is the Master of all lies and of this world with out the Word of GOD in truth. We all hunger for the truth of GOD's Word and it is not Being Taught! But this does not mean we are to do his (Satan's)will knowingly or not!

      GOD is pure Love and this too is very Hard to find here today. Faith is a Belief with feeling you have faith in the truth of Jesus as GOD in the Flesh who has come to show you the way Home to GOD the Father with out flesh. then you shall come to the truth of the story and not Satan's legal Document which is also Gods Truth they sit intermingled as one testimony to two sides of the truth stated.

      Be careful not to mix Satan's lies in with the truth of GOD's Word. Spirituality is not of GOD it is of this World which is of Satan, he will always take an around about way to deceive you. Self Pleasure of Self is one of the signs of the end times and Boy Ole Boy do we all seek self gratification with expense of others not even a concern anymore. Abortions, Me, Me, Me Its all about Me. My House, My Kids, My Car, My Thoughts, My Needs, My Ideals, My Pleasures. What about He who Provided the very air you breathe? What About GOD? Thanks for the read and comments.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 

      8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Genesis 5:2 says that Adam was a group. "They" were male and female and "their" name was "Adam." In Genesis 5, Adam was all of humanity, perhaps thousands of Homo sapiens bodies. But this is not "all" of man.

      Genesis 1 tells us that man was created in God's image. This is the spiritual nature of man. This is the true child of God.

      Genesis 2:7 tells us that man was created again from the dust of the ground. This is Homo sapiens.

      So "man" is immortal spirit wrapped in Homo sapiens flesh. Genesis 6:3 reiterates this when it says that man is "also" flesh. If he is "also," then he must be something else, too. That something else is the part with whom God abides. For God cares little about the bodies we wear.

      And the "sin" of man. Disobedience, yes. It was a turning away from the Lord and a turning to Satan, yes. But what do these mean?

      Could Satan be another name for mortal ego? Think of every evil thing man has done. Each one has ego behind it. Ego thrives on being right and on self-importance. Even suicide is all about the self, enlarging ego at the expense of the physical body. Ego is the master of this world, vanquished only by love, responsibility, faith and humility.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      8 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      If you both leave me a link to these your poems I will try to get over there and read them. You both have way many more then I and I am not finding them by your descriptions of them here, so leave me a link or an exact title so I can copy and paste it into the search box and find your writes, I would like to read them Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      8 years ago from West By God

      You may also read my hub about The Myth of Peace and Love. You have an interesting viewpoint though.

    • OpinionDuck profile image


      8 years ago

      you might try and answer some of the questions in my hubs on the first four days as found in Genesis.


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