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Where And Who Is God?

Updated on April 18, 2013

Have you caught yourself asking the question, 'Who' or 'Where' is God? I think most of us have had that thought in our heads at least once in our life. The sad thing is that most people either have a 'theological' explanation or come up with something from the Scriptures that gives the best answer in order to 'please' the person asking the question.

Well, I would like to propose a different approach to finding this answer. Let's start by 'process of elimination' since this subject could cover a vast amount of information.

God is not found in a church. He is not found in a book. He is not found in ceremonial rituals. He is not found in the 'proud' individual, nor in the person 'bent' on political or financial gain.

God can be found in the simplicity of a young child, joyfully playing and singing without a care in the world. God can be found in the person who is willing to go out of their way to help another individual, regardless of race or status. God can be found in the sorrow of a mother losing her child or a child losing their parent for the rest of their lives. God can be found in the beauty of a simple colorful lily or green grass growing in the field. God can be found in the warmth of the sun in a beautiful blue sky.

God IS the Creator of all things but in His simplicity He is unconditional, sacrificial love. He has a personality similar to your own. He has likes and dislikes. He grieves just as we do when we lose something or someone important to us. He has favorites and His heart is only that of 'love' pure and simple. He created us as an earthly father creates his child. He wants us to not only talk to Him but to 'know' Him. He has a favorite color, a favorite song, as well as other 'favorites' just like you and I. He wants us to be nothing more than 'little children' trusting Him for everything that we have. Just as a toddler never questions where his next meal is coming from, what clothes he will wear, and whether he will be protected and loved, we are to be exactly as such and nothing more.

In different religions today, there are some that specifically pray with a particular book in unison. They believe that is how God wants them to communicate with Him, but nothing could be further from the truth. God wants us to talk to Him just as a child talks to their earthly father, with nothing held back in secret. When we think we have 'sinned' (which simply means 'missing the mark') we need to be honest with Him and ask Him for help. God is not as concerned about what 'we' view as sin, as much as what 'He' views as sin. God is hurt when we hurt others, whether that is physically or mentally. Our words towards others can slice like a knife and when that person feels pain, God also feels pain. How we treat others is more important to God than drinking, cussing, doing drugs, or anything 'we' view as sin.

It all boils down to the bottom line which is our hearts. God is overjoyed when we go out of our way to help someone else in any way possible. But He is also grieved when we say or do things to others that will effect them the rest of their lives. Sure it saddens Him when we do things to our bodies that hurt it but He's more concerned about who we are on the inside than anything else.

We, as humans, tend to keep 'sin' in different categories. We think murder is the 'worst' sin while gossiping about someone close to us is nothing. We think homosexuality is worse than neglecting the homeless or the widow or single parent. We forget that all sin is the same to God and that all of us 'sin' every single day. But we fail to realize that God doesn't care about the sin. He cares about YOU for who you are, regardless of what you do. The closer you become to God and give everything to Him, the more you will realize that you 'stop' doing the 'dont's' and 'start' doing to 'dos'. It comes automatically to you because the closer you are to Him, the more you become like Him.

We were created for two things, and two things only - to love our Father and to love others. It all boils down to 'love' plain and simple. When you try and categorize God in any other fashion, it becomes 'religion' and then follows theological interpretation and explanation, which, to the average person, means nothing. God doesn't care about theology, religion or anything along those lines. He simply cares about our hearts and our relationship to Him and to others.

If you want to know who and where God is, look into your own heart. Where you find 'love' there, you will find God. As Jesus said, 'The Kingdom of God is 'within' you....and it is simply 'love'.....


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