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Where Angels Fear To Tread

Updated on October 28, 2009

People Remembering Who They Are

Do You Believe All Is In Divine Order?

Where Angels Fear To Tread...

Sometimes I wonder if angels deliberately don’t choose to come to Earth plane because the rules to incarnate here are that the memory of being an angel are purposefully erased and the subsequent human experience becomes then a feeling of having lost yourself..Thus, that is attached to having to develop courage to continue on, despite that nagging fear that the angel has “lost it’s self” by having agreed to the erasure of memory.

So, what is the gain for an angel to incarnate? To choose to go where other angels fear to tread?

Well, I don’t know, but I do know there is gain to incarnate. It may be minuscule, it may be majestically large, but gain all the same, if only in the counting of various holy instants.

A small gain might be to have said a kind word to one in need, at just the right time that they could hear the kind word; at their worst moment of a crossroads point perhaps; where it seemed just an offhand comment to attempt to cheer them, but to them, it came as manna from heaven.

This is what the angels say to me, that in helping another, the soul grows back into the memory of having been more than just this struggling human who carries on despite to appearances, the struggle yields but little progress day after day after day. I don’t know if angels is really the proper label in this day and age. I’m sure it’s not, as it’s attached to religious connotations.
So we try to use words that everyone can relate to.
We will exchange the word angels for those who are unselfish, and we can call them helpers of a nonphysical area. They have no body of flesh, therefore, they can appropriately be called NP’s for nonphysical, or just helpers, messengers or guides.

Why would they want to help anybody unselfishly?
I don’t know. I suppose you’d have to ask them if you ever encounter one. Perhaps in order to answer this question differently, you would have to subscribe to a certain area of thought and action that angelic messengers adhere to; that of service ideals, and the premise basic goodness that they feel they have been created out of, and also they most likely feel this basic goodness to be a love feeling which causes unity of oneness to out-picture as active helpfulness.

Helpfulness? You might ask what is that? It’s a cooperative action in being a messenger. The action itself is the reward for them. It is simply being. They don’t have to choose to be this or that. They are not in duality whereby they would have to choose one course of action over another.

Basic goodness is possessed by all. As a human, I have come to observe the basic goodness is functioning in the least likely places, yet on the surface of things, it is often denied to be functioning. That would also be to say, if you were even slightly of a certain faith, you would say, all is in divine order.
You may not really believe all is in divine order, yet as a human progressing along on whatever path, you might start to cultivate a desire to understand whether all is in divine order, or not. This desire, proportionately is a human desire.
The angelic host have no such desire, for they are more like the answer, rather than the question. They would embody the basic goodness that the human being wishes to see and discover within themselves, or to say, the human being going here feels separate from the basic goodness within him or herself.

Remember, the angels who did not incarnate, did not have their memories erased of who they were. They do not have to incorporate faith or courage to remember what they did not forget.
Basic goodness beheld within lends a sort of steady pace to the traveler going here; it is a kind of remembrance of self, of vague origins which make us seek even more earnestly more clarity of those origins, which lead us to what the angels never forgot.

See no evil. The angels see no evil. For if you do see evil you will see it only in yourself. Evil originates within the mind that has forgotten who it was before this birth of this singular life; instead, do as the angels do, remember basic goodness for the one whose behavior exhibits selfishness, you must remember for them, what they have forgotten. If you fight against evil you only strengthen it with your belief in it.

To believe in evil lends it power, and again and again, like Murphy’s law, where anthing that can go wrong, does go wrong, the face of evil arises to feed off the power of your belief in it.

So the angels look away from what it is not real, from what is not basic goodness. They know where their good fortune lies, in serving Love’s cause, effects come naturally within good fortune. You must believe before you will see, but often you must see before you can believe. There is the paradox of duality and courage which builds faith is the crux of the matter.
When J healed upon the planet he always said “go and sin no more.” He meant go and see not that you error again. For it is true we can error many times over and make ourselves sick this way.

All is in divine order. Do you believe this? To figure out if you really believe it often takes many lifetimes.
Do not worry. There are many angels who help us to believe, or to remember ourselves.


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    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      I thorougly enjoyed this hub. You are a very wise soul with so much to share. Keep the humor, and wisdom coming.