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How and Where Can I Find God?

Updated on February 7, 2013

Where Can I Find God

Help Finding God

Where Can I Find God?

There is a story told about a very rich and powerful business man, (we'll call him Bob) who was very select in whom he would give audience to, simply because He was so rich and powerful that He could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Rich and powerful men sought audience with him, people in high political offices desired his council. But Bob rarely give audiences to any of them. No one, not even his Administrative Assistants could gain entrance to his office when he put out the word that he was not to be disturbed under any circumstances.

However, there were two people who barged into his office freely whenever they wanted. Regardless of how busy Bob was, no matter what he was involved in, his eight year old son Bob Jr., and his six year old daughter Sarah. They were the only ones that could barge into his office whenever they wanted. No matter how busy he was, Bob would stop what he was doing, open his arms wide, and he would hug his two children as they flew into his arms. There was no greater joy in Bob's life than his children, any time day or night, his children could command his attention.

Sometimes his children would ask him for things that Bob knew would not be good for them, and because of his great love for them, he could not give them some of the things they asked him for. But several things were certain. His children had access to him any time day or night, he always listened to what they had to say, and he always entertained their requests for things they wanted or needed. He never turned them away or refused to listen to them. He couldn't because he loved them too much to do anything else.

Notice, that no one other than Bob's children had access to him at all times, and no one else, regardless of their importance, position or wealth, could get Bob's ear whenever they wanted it.

Folks, this isn't rocket science. God loves you, probably more than you can imagine. But He isn't going to answer your prayers if your only interest in Him, is to get Him to use His might and power to help you out of your desperate situation. This is akin to putting the cart before the horse.

In the story above, Bob's children were the apple of his eye, much like you are the apple of God's eye. But Bob's children got what they wanted from their father because they were in a full time relationship with him. God wants to be in a full time relationship with you. But if the mess you are in is big enough to draw you to this web site to try to find an answer to how to get God's help, it should be obvious even to you, that you have not been in a full time, Father and child relationship with Him.

So what's the bottom line? Simply this. If you want to get anything from God, you have to commit to getting to know Him, and getting Him totally involved in your life. Does this mean you have to change your life style? No, you don't have to change a thing. God accepts you just as you are. But you do have to add something to whatever it is you've been doing. You have to begin to talk to God constantly. He knows your thoughts anyway, so when you talk to yourself, know with certainty that He is listening and that you are talking to Him as well as yourself. And here is an irrefutable promise, the more you get to know Him and come to understand the lengths He has gone to because of His desire to have a intimate relationship with you, the more in love with Him you will fall.

It important to remember that God does not require you to change anything in you life before coming to Him. You only need to go to Him with a sincere desire to know Him, not only as "Almighty God", but as He who loved you enough to die for you, and Who wants only the best for you, in this life and in the next. Once God gets involved in your life, you will begin to effortlessly shed the negative things in your life that have been keeping you from the victories you need to make it through this life. You will look back at your old behavior and wonder how you could have ever been that person, because God will change you from the inside out. And in the end, you will know with certainty that you will be spending eternity with Him who you have grown to love more than you love yourself.

Or, you can stick to the path your on, keep treating God like He's a Genie in a lamp, or a vending machine, who you think is there for the express purpose of using His might and power to answer the prayers of someone who only prays to Him when you want or need something. The power is always in your hands. Make getting to know God your first priority, and He will surely incline His ear to your prayers. This is a promise. The Bible says,

"Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you." (James 4:8)


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