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Where Do Passionate Dreams Come From?

Updated on November 23, 2015

The Giver

In the famous children's book, "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, there is one character that contains all of the memories of the past. Due to the fact that the book takes place in the future, society is unaware of what the hidden past contains. They are given vague responses when they are curious enough to ask about what has happened throughout history. However, the main character Jonas is selected to spend time with this all-knowing Giver, and he received whatever this powerful man decided to impart to him. The Giver only appears to want to give Jonas memories that are pleasant and peaceful.

Our Heavenly Giver

Similarly to the Giver mentioned beforehand, God has it in His heart to give away the talents and the gifts and pleasant dreams that He stores up for His children. God knows that man is capable of evil but instead He chooses to constantly believe that we will fulfill the good dreams that only He can place in our heart.

Most people view giving with a deficit mindset, as in they see giving as gaining a loss. When someone accepts Christ into their heart, God isn't giving out only half of His spirt because He's afraid He won't have enough of His spirit left if another person accepts Him. He is infinite and He is not holding back anything from us (Psalm 84:11). God gave away His greatest possession (His son) so that we should not have to suffer (John 3:16). Also, if He gave His son, how will He not give us all things along with Him (Romans 8:32).

Our Heavenly Father is the ultimate giver of dreams. He is so eternal that He gave each of His seven billion children in the world a dream and a passion that is unlike any other. Some dreams may look similar but God has intimately woven together individual paths for each of us and He wants us to depend upon Him completely to fulfill that dream in His manner.

The Purpose of Dreams

Part of living out the dream that the Almighty Giver has placed within you involves partaking of the more abundant life that Jesus promised us (John 10:10). Everyone has the option to portray the God-given talents that remain within them. Some people dI not know that they have these gifts within them and they can become aware when they see others confidently doing what God called them to do. Even murders have the potential to harbor God's gifts on the inside of them, if they choose to accept and follow Christ. God never placed within them a desire to murder. But through the lack of the knowledge that they are dearly loved by God and through a darkened mindset, God's plans are pushed aside. He put passionate desires in each of us An each dream manifests differently through different people.

The purpose of having dreams is not only to be fulfilling, although thank God that this is one of the purposes. The other purpose behind having dreams is to positively influence those around you. The before-mentioned purpose feeds into the latter. When you're passionate about your own dream to the point that you're excitement escapes you unexpectedly, others around you will be attracted to that energy and will want some of their own.

A Biblical Dream

God have Joseph literal dreams but it can serve as a dream that God placed on his heart as well. In all of Joseph's dreams, there were many objects bowing down to one main object. This represented part of his future, in which Joseph would have power and others would bow down to him. Soon after he had these dreams, he was sold into slavery. It appears that he played a part in his own demise when he spoke too soon and told his brothers about his dreams. They became furious with him and sold him into slavery. This was the beginning of the story of someone with a dream to become a ruler.

Even though Joseph spoke too soon, God didn't allow that incident to overshadow His good plans for Joseph. And Joseph made it a habit to continuously see that God was at work. He had to consciously keep his eyes on his prophetic dream. Even after he was accused of sleeping with Potiphar's wife and thrown in jail, he kept his eyes stayed upon God. I view him as walking with a constant awareness of God's vision for his life. He claimed that even being sold into slavery was able to be used in glorifying God . Having that attitude most likely launched him into a promotion sooner than he would have otherwise. He became head over the jail and ruler over Potiphar's palace. No one other than God could have placed Joseph in that position, even while he was yet a slave. not only did Joseph rise to a position of authority, but he also had an influence in his brothers, who became sorry that they ever sold him into slavery. No matter what your circumstances look like or even if you were the one who got your circumstances to look like that in the first place, God can and will turn things around for your good, above and beyond what you can imagine In your heart (Romans 8:28 & Ephesians 3:20). Follow the dream that God has placed in your heart and you can become a King, even if you were born into slavery.


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