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Where Is God During Dark Times And Tragedies

Updated on September 19, 2013

Pray For Us Was Their Cry

it was well after it happened that I even caught a hint of what happened in Newtown Connecticut on 12-14-2012. A gunmen kills his mother and drives to where she was a teacher and kills 20 children and 6 adults before turning the gun on himself.

The media started posing the question where was God in all of this? but just as quickly the signs around this small town just 60 miles north east of New York City started to appear PRAY FOR US... It was a trending topic on twitter, facebook was filled with prayers.

People ask where is God, when tragedy strikes, but in turn He is the first one as a nation we turn too, read the signs, PRAY FOR US, they were free to write anything, they could have written send us SHRINKS and DRUGS to make us feel better...

Reality is deep down inside everyone we know that there is a Heaven Father, and that He answers prayers, we may choose not to worship Him, but we all can give at least one miracle that can not be explained by human understanding... A plane crash one child survives is this not a miracle in itself??

Where Is God Now?

God was exactly where we asked Him to be, out of control in our lives.... Period... God will not force Himself on anyone, as a nation we have put God out side of everything, almost to a point some people are afraid to say a blessing on their meal in public for being looked down on...

As a nation their is no God allowed in our schools, everything goes in a public school, read a text book if you do not believe me... except the Bible... do not bring God into school or a public meeting, or anywhere other then the church building where He belongs... Even in some churches they have put God in a small box that comes out on special holidays...

God is exactly where we ask Him to be, if we ask Him into our hearts, that is where He will live, if we ask Him into our homes, that is where He will be... Tell God to leave our schools, that we as a nation will allow the teaching of darwin, then He will leave...

Angels Of God

Now Where Is God In Your Life?

During tragedy we as a nation turn to God, but within a few days forget that we even called on His Name... God is right here waiting for you to come to Him, not in a time of darkness to save you from this or that... You know what I mean that good old foxhole prayer, get my butt out of this one Lord and I will always praise you... and forget God the next minute...

Peace on earth is not something that will happen until the Lord Jesus Christ returns, and puts and end to evil and judgement is passed... BUT Peace within your life is possible right this very minute. all you have to do is ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, not for a minute, and not to make a deal to save you from trouble, but regardless of the outcome that Jesus rule your life...

15 years ago I went to an empty house to see my children on Christmas morning, I have not seen them since, my first question was WHERE WAS GOD, how could God allow this... Now I look back and I am so grateful for God allowing this to happen in my life, I love and miss my children, but I have been able to use that pain I have and feel to help many other families... God has taken what I seen as the darkest day of my life and used it for good, as His word promises...

Almost A Year Later

The signs are gone, the news media has long forgotten, and God is for the most part is outside of our busy lives, but in time there will be another act of killing innocent people like this. As a nation we have continued to turn our back on the Lord, we walk all over His word with gay marriage, removing prayer from school, and heaven sakes dont say God Bless you in public you may be looked at as if you were the devil himself...

For me I may have forgotten the 26 people killed in Dec 2012, and I may have been going on with my crazy life, but I have not put God on the back shelf like many in America have... where is God in your life??

Where Do You Think God Was??

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    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      6 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      been down the hubpage religious page a few times over the past, I do not argue my point of view, use to love to read the forums and watch the people go back and forth and never seen anyone give an inch on the subject... As for having a conversation with myself, sometimes it keeps me out of trouble that way... LOL...

    • vveasey profile image

      VC L Veasey 

      6 years ago from Detroit,MI



      I just asked a simple question and you made a whole lot of asumptions about what I would say in answer to your question

      and basically answered your own question, in a conversation with yourself

      So there is no need for me to respond

      So nice talking to ya...I mean to yourself

    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      6 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      Okay so how do you know God exists?? I am sure you are going to tell me how God is not really so I will turn the tables as my answers will never be acceptable to you.... How can you prove to me that He does not exist?? basically neither of us will be able to make the other feel what we believe, but that is okay with me... I will play the devils advocate here lets say you are right God is not real, I still lived a good life... but on the other hand let us say I am right your eternity will be spent in hell... I will take a chance on my beliefs in that case... I understand God is a hard pill to swallow, I been there got the tshirt, look around my hubs, I am not a life long follower of Jesus Christ, I have my dark sides as well... but I will always agree that we can have different beliefs and still respect one another...

      God Bless

    • vveasey profile image

      VC L Veasey 

      6 years ago from Detroit,MI

      I think a more useful question is how do you know that God exists?


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