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Where Passion know no bounds

Updated on April 29, 2015

We are the outcome of our thoughts. As an old saying goes that 'You become what you think'. Life also automatically carries us to such an end which we have been nursing in our dreams for years.At least I believe it true. So here it goes .

life was never happier than the days of the present as long as I have begun to think of life as it is an ever going phenomenon. With the happy memories of the past and with bright dreams for the future now I live life with a full desire and passion. It started when I learned to antagozise my thoughts about myself . The 'me' within myself is yet to be identified for sure because its true potential is yet to be revealed. The success to this kind of inner peace is to understand myself.

But peace comes with a price. Like I said before, life was never so happy. I was grown up in a semi developed township, where within a short span of time a lots of changes have taken place. My family has given much time in settling down with the newly born urban class of the township. As they also became part of that middle class who have to wage war against poverty every day, they had no other option but to bow down to the pressure of the new changes.

Time passed by. Me and my brother both were grown up with much absence of Dad as for work he had to spend much of his days outside the state. He worked in a bank in the neighbour state of Arunachal Pradesh, which takes a 8 hours journey from our town. But in our country, generally people donot take much risk in travelling everyday for 8 hours or 6 hours due to the lack of facilities like that of US.So they generally settle down at such places as oong as they work there. My dad's conditiion was same. We got no car and so he decided to stay there.

Anyways during my school days I did not feel the way much like expressing my emotions. My mother taught me Music and mathematics. But I was never intersted in poetry and literature. My leaning towards literature came much later when I came to know about the great novels and all the marvels accomplished by the great Scholars. the fact that we live in a world where we owe so much to our predecessors cane much later to my thought.

I became more interested to literature when I have taken up history as a subject outside my syllabus. I took mathematics instead. I took History rather as as interest than my choice of subjects for my study. And that made all things different. Thanks to the basic intutions of my mind which have directed me to finish my studies in History up to Post Graduate level.

Still, there are a lot to know about the world. So many things and I have so less time. I think one life is not enough for me. While reading history I became much interested about writing. I saw how the writings of great revolutionaries like Marx and Hegel had changed the world. It was Voltaire and Roussoue who have captured the intellectual environment of the eighteenth century Europe. The writings of Thoroeau and Bacon have contributed greatly to the development human age of reason and philosophy.

When I was in my Post graduation, I came to know about one basic component of historiography- that study the historian before you study history. That exactly means that one cannot find objectivity in one's writing, or the truth may be elsewhere, but it actually shows that the writings are developed by emotion and passion. In fine arts an artisan works with passion. His emotions plays a lot during his artwork. Similarly in literature a lot of passions do.


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