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Where Do Evil Spirits Come From?

Updated on April 5, 2017

For centuries evil spirits have been constantly interchanged with Demons, ghost and the devil, but are they the same thing? While the Devil has been known as the arch angel or the “fallen Angel”, Demons are supernatural and mythological: often prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, methodology and folklore. Ghosts are spirits of the departed.

Evil spirits on the other hand are spirits who have strong attachment towards the physical world and things of the physical world. Souls do not understand how being dead work; all they care about is to satisfy that burning desire for their material needs. Because there is no place in the land of the spirit where they can satisfy this burning desire; therein lies the need for a physical body.

By possessing a human body, evil spirits can feel just as if they have their own physical body, feeling the physical sensations and satisfying desires for food, sex, money, power and the like.Evil spirits are born from over-indulgence i.e., wanting too much of something enjoyable. Even in the Christian Bible it is said “he will die for lack of self-control; he will be lost because of his great foolishness (proverbs 5:23)”. Also in Buddhism, “Tanha” a pali word (which means thirst or desire) is a very important concept. Tanha also refers to longing, greed, craving for sensual pleasures, craving for existence, and craving for non-existence. It is believed that Tanha is the cause of the cycle of repeated birth, death and also dukkha – suffering, pain and un-satisfactoriness.

When a man grows up having a strong attachment for a material thing, say beer, he carries over this attachment to the afterlife; and because at the point of death all emotions heightens, thereforehis want for beer increases. So how then does he satisfy this want? He looks for a weak soul, moves the soul aside temporarily and takes over the body. He then satisfies his craving for beer and eventually leaves the body soaked up in beer. He continues this way jumping from one body to another, until at some point he realizes (a shift in consciousness) that this cannot be all and then comes liberation.Possession simply means “taking over”.

The only prerequisite for evil spirits to come and stay with a person living on earth is by finding someone whose mind is on the same wavelength as theirs; that is someone who has a crack in their psychic wall. Evil spirits have no business possessing someone if their psychic wall is strong; they can’t take over a body that is not accommodating to them. A person who is calm, always happy, and positive doesn’t have to worry about being possessed. On the other hand, a person who is always fearful, bitter and despondent causes damage to their psychic wall, making it easy for these spirits to get into their psychic space and use them (drugs and excessive alcohol can also affect a person’s psychic wall).

The truth is no spirit or non-spirit can get into your psychic space without you letting them in.t’s like opening your back door and hoping no insect gets into your home. Oh they will get in as long as they are around, and the big news is, these spirits are always there wishing and waiting for a slight crack so they can use you. When a person is possessed by an evil spirit, their attitude changes in line with the desire of such spirit. Note please not all spirits are evil; some can possess you to pass a message to loved ones on earth or to complete a very important mission on earth. The difference is these kinds of spirit are not forceful; they don’t push you out of your body and take over. These spirits will most likely ask for permission; either in your dream or through a sign, and if you permit they can then subtly use your body to work. Unlike their evil co-spirits, their aim is not for anything selfish or “evil”- sex, drugs, alcohol, revenge (which usually ends in murder) they only want to pass a message or to meet a loved one, and in this case they look for someone who is fit for the job; an open soul (mind). These are the kinds of spirits people most often refer to as “ghost” or “lost souls”

To stay aloft of evil spirits, it is important to raise your vibrations to that of the heavenly worlds. Keep a positive attitude, stay away from over-indulgence of anything, and be mindful of the passions of the mind- anger, vanity, greed, attachment and lust. By raising your consciousness above that of the negative world and building up your psychic wall, you will surely be anti-evil spirit. And do evil spirits exist? Yes they do, they are all around us, even as you read this, you don’t know who is reading with you.


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