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Where has my song gone?

Updated on December 17, 2014

Exploring the Secret Place a worship experience art piece by Jimmy Canali


And then we forgot God...

Straying away is a moment at a time...

Well, we just nudged away... We just nudged a thought away. Well, actually, some time has passed. Some time indeed... Our lives spent in worry in fretting.

And 15 minutes a day? Well that is an investment in eternity... The quiet time seems to turn to a few songs in the morning and a prayer. Our spiritual walk dwindles. Flames flicker in blindness to what once was...

Our worship can become just a feeling. An emotional movement which has pulled us away from actual intimacy. We hear the same songs as last Sunday service... We find solace in repetition. Sometimes it is like we are not magnifying the goodness of God. We are not enraptured in Him with songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. We do not lose ourselves in Him, find ourselves again, and then dance for joy within! Where the joy resonates, where strength erupts, is song. The song of our day walking with our Savior, who is watching over us, and all that concerns us.

And why do we give Him a song sung a thousand times? Why breathe then? Songs have lost their 'pulp'. When at a time we would sing in a basking Presence of Glory! Now we are given three separate songs without the hunger and without the thirst.

The difference between entertainment and enraptured

Songs which draw the Presence of God are longer than normal. They have waves. They involve us at different levels, often following the initiation of the Holy Spirit. They are never the same. Songs which may start slow, enter fast and may also roller coast through our emotions. They are not feeling guided, but challenge us to dance against how we feel, walk by our faith and dismiss doubt.

Songs which can bring a strong anointing, healing, and even God's Glory and Presence are not shaped to fit one container. They are to glorify God, draw us near to Him, and deposit in us something for us to have as we depart to our day.

A worship leader benefits from watching the congregation and God at the same time. Without those two simultaneous perceptions, most of the crowd will draw into entertainment and the corporate anointing will diffuse.

To welcome God in, to make angels dance, for His Spirit to linger, to find again His peace which the world lacks, to worship and cast out cares. To know Him and to feel Him near, smiling... God.

The Lord of the dance. He is a song away.

Hymns, songs, spiritual songs.

Deep worship is what brings healing from the Holy Spirit. It lifts our burdens and draws us into Him. Consistent worship at deep levels enhances our awareness of God's still small Voice. Like the earthquake felt by Elijah, God was not in it. Praise brought down walls. Praise opened prison doors. Praise will be found in Revelations drawing the two witnesses up to heaven. Praise confuses the enemy, opens heaven to drop down blessing. In praise, God inhabits, angels dance, joy is released, our problems are magnified less and God is magnified.

The power of hymns strengthened the backs of slaves, gives us the endurance to get through our work day. A simple song can quiet the soul. A song frees us. A song can carry us through pain. It can humble us under God's Hand bringing exaltation, liberation, fire, freedom, life.

Sing unto the Lord a new song!

Quieting the soul through a song... Simply find a song and simply close your eyes and be...

Investing in a playlist for our ipods can recreate one's quiet time. Searching online, few find the local churches which upload their deep worship. It can easily be found the larger worship leaders and bands, but dig a bit deeper. Take the effort to locate praise which draws out the power of God.


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