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Where Has What Was Once Good Gone?

Updated on January 14, 2011

Where has what was once good gone?

Where are the artists? No money in that, so they cease to exist.

Where are the builders? Off to China.

Where are the poets? No money in that, so they cease to exist.

Where are the people? Consumed into shadow, no where to be found.

Atrophy has plagued the land from all around me. We've given up, given in, and surrendered in the name of homogenization. Don't try to be too different, so we're indoctrinated, you may risk offending someone. No, here you will sit, stay quiet, and be a good little boy/girl. . .You must passively accept what comes to you, for that is the new adaptation.

We live in a world of opposites, where moulding yourself to the whims of authority is now considered adaptation, while trying to creatively be yourself is considered stubborn. Where refusing to show any emotion and parroting the "right answers" is considered strength, while expressing genuine feeling is considered weak. Where narrowing your focus in the specialization of a single area is considered educated, while learning all that you can in your own way is considered uneducated. Where telling people what they want to hear is considered kind, while telling people the truth is considered rude. Where planning people's lives is considered helpful, while trying to empower people is considered a "bad influence". Where continuing down the same beaten path that is slowly leading to our destruction is considered logical and practical, while trying to forge your own path is consider illogical and impractical.

Where has what was once good gone?

Where are the children? The playground in my neighbourhood is no longer used.

Where are the neighbours? Half the homes are for sale.

Where are the lovers? It has been far too long since I've last seen a man/woman genuinely hold hands.

Where are the people? Consumed into shadow, no where to be found.

I'll tell you what I do find plentiful of: Service people in a "service economy". "Good day sir," the automatons say. "How may I help you sir?" as she issues her best performance smile. "What can I do for you today?" says another high octane robot. Fake, flake, blasphemy, imposters, baloney! For the sake of humanity, make this madness of an experiment please stop! You can have our bodies, you can tell us how to dress, you can have our time, you can have our labour, you can even have our freedoms, but you have gone exceptionally far when you can have our personality, our very being! Even the black slaves who worked the cotton fields could sing to their misery, could that be done today? It's one thing to carry out a miserable existence, but to do it with a smile on your face is quite another.

My fear is that such human theatrics become so automatic that we one day shall lose our understanding of what is true human feeling and what is manufactured human feeling. Too late, that day has already befallen us, but how could people possibly know? If this is the only world people know, how could people know what is real and what isn't? We see it everywhere, people can no longer console each other, leave that to a psychologist. A trained, manufactured, professional who is supposed to put on a show. People can no longer educate one and another anymore, leave that to a teacher or professor. A trained, manufactured, professional who is supposed to put on a show.

By training so hard to put on a fake human persona on where the money rests, we have forgotten how to genuinely feel the way generations before us once took for granted. . .

End the madness that is the service economy, please, will somebody tell me this is all but a nightmare? Tell me that I'll awaken to real genuine human beings, who co-exist in a real genuine town, who have real genuine jobs, with a real genuine woman next to my side. Please tell me I'll awaken from this long slumber. . . Where has what was once good gone? It never left us, we just no longer realize we have it. . .

-Donovan D. Westhaver


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    • gpeloponnakos profile image


      7 years ago

      well, you know what they say on star trek... "you will be assimilated, resistance is futile".

      Nice article, btw.


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