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Where is God: Wisdom of Kahana

Updated on May 28, 2015

It's a fair question. It's one that my friends who are devout atheists ask me whenever they have the chance because they believe the disasters befalling us are support for their arguments against God's existence. In fact, if you were to simply look at the world around us, as it rampages out of control, while evil societies dedicated to murder and mayhem spread without hindrance across the landscape, and countries are racked by plague, epidemic and starvation, you might start believing that they're correct in their assumption. After all, we are told to believe that everything is actually under control, that the economy is in safe hands, that the minor setbacks in Iraq and Syria will be corrected soon, that the sixty nation coalition will set the Middle East right on its keel, and that once we remove Israel (synonymous with Jews) from the equation then the world will be a much better and happier place. That being the case, who really needs God anyway as we have everything under control. As long as you're willing to accept the powers-that-be version of Utopia, then you can't have it both ways. As long as you're willing to rely on those in government to correct the disasters, and you will follow them blindly, to be fully dependent on mankind rectifying its own problems, then seriously, why would you want God to intervene. He would only make matters worse by removing the authority from those men that you have placed your confidence, devotion and trust in. God accepts that He must take a back seat to our right to decide what is best for ourselves. He has done so since the Garden of Eden, and yet when we make bad decisions, place our trust in all the wrong people, and ignore the evil that is directly in front of our faces, we still want to blame Him for permitting the disasters to occur. God will not suffer our hypocrisy lightly.

Psalm 82

How can we condemn God for not being in control if we refuse to actually give him control of our lives, to dedicate ourselves to His laws, to be obedient to the commandments that He provided to us with a simple request that we obey them? In fact, of the over six hundred commandments handed down to us in the Old Testament, how many do we actually obey? Most of you aren't even familiar with the 613 commandments contained within the Bible. When the Christian Church arose, it dismissed the Old Testament as irrelevant and in so doing, negated the commandments in the process. That was our warranty on this world. Would you void your warranty you received with your new car so callously and then expect the dealership to honor the warranty anyway after having done so. Of course not, yet you expect God to honor his warranty to us even though we have done everything within our power to void his commandments. But for those that wish to see the fine print, I draw your attention to Psalm 82. It's a very short and simple psalm but it speaks volumes. In line 1 it tells us that God has allowed us to have our appointed judges to speak supposedly on His behalf and therefore has taken a back seat to their decisions. He does not stand above them but in their midst, neither hindering them or making suggestions, but merely judging their performance, which in line 2 he considers abysmal and the complete antithesis to what He wanted. But He still waits, asking how long will we the people will tolerate the false leadership we have appointed over ourselves, seeing us in line 5 as the blind and ignorant, permitting those whom are even more blind and ignorant to govern over us. Line 6 has often been interpreted as God having appointed angels to do His work on Earth and failing miserably but the Hebrew actually says 'You Are Gods' implying not angels but people whom actually think of themselves as being so far above others that they assume god-like stature. Nor does it say these self-appointed gods will die like men but actually uses the singular of Adam, hence a reference to Adam thinking himself beyond God's reach and able to make decisions on his own even if enticed by Eve without divine retribution. As we all know from the story, God did not intervene and prevent Adam from making some bad decisions. He let Adam choose the path he wished to follow, but He also saw to it that Adam suffered the consequences of those poor decisions. God gave a commandment, Adam chose not to follow it, and mankind has followed that path ever since the Beginning.

Where Do We Go Now?

In the closing line of Psalm 82, the writer prays that God will intervene and fix the mess that leaders of mankind have perpetrated upon the world. At no time does he suggest that the followers of the Lord should stand up, seize back the reigns of government and correct the iniquities that have been inflicted upon the world. God will intervene when mankind finally makes a stand to correct all our self-imposed and self-inflicted disasters we have brought upon ourselves. If we choose, we can eliminate the spread of this rabid and radical Islam in a matter of weeks. If we choose, we can see that starvation becomes a thing of the past and the thousands of children that die every day from malnutrition no longer suffer. If we choose, we can provide everyone with an acceptable standard of living, without making those that live in golden palaces with ski-slopes in the desert give up too much of the comforts that are a squandering of resources. If we choose, we can see deserts bloom and waters as pure as mountain lakes abundant across the globe. If we choose, we can see children laugh and play without the threat of violent crime and drug induced comatose life-styles. All these issues are within our control. But as long as you choose to follow blindly those that you have placed in power that say, "We should not bother with affairs of the world, we should not stand up for the righteous and fight for those that can no longer fight for themselves, we will accept the almighty dollar over the Almighty God," then expect no heavenly intervention and expect no divine salvation for none will be forthcoming. He judges how we have judged and He will condemn us for our decisions. You want to know where God is; He is right beside us, and He is judging as we speak. Choose your words wisely and base your decisions on His guidance and stop relying on the silver tongued devils that have corrupted us since our time in the Garden.

Shalom Aleichim

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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