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Where is Morality and Righteousness?

Updated on October 30, 2016

Gifts in ancient societies

How corruption prevailed in ancient societies?

We are not aware of pure and selfless love showered by the Divine on everyone here. The love of god never differentiate any based on their qualities since god never expect back anything from us except that everyone should become equally loving one another like him! But it may take eons for us to become godlike. We are all aware of selfish love exhibited by people of earth. They are never capable of exuding the supreme love and compassion as god. We always want something back. Only mothers are capable of extending the selfless love to other children also. They love their children selflessly without any anticipation. Yes, present day children who have higher IQ than the olden day’s kids, always calculate the results beforehand. Hence parents too negotiate with them for little errands. If you go to the shop, I will give you some presents? If you pass the exam with flying colors, I will present a smartphone or tablet? So bribing has started from home! It is no wonders that employees in government offices want their palm to be greased by the favor seekers. In the present day quota license administration, everyone wants quick results. Hence they approach the quakes to quicken their permits and orders in lightning speed. Of course, the Officers are aware of the demand for their works and they quote their rates! Those who can afford get their things done quickly. The ordinary citizens always roam between pillars to post to get some orders.

We may feel that corruption is present day scenario. No! From ancient days of Kings and Emperors, corruption prevailed in one form or other. For getting favors, the citizens approached influential people and presented them with gifts, fruits, grains, ghee and other household necessities. Of course, the people who received the gifts enabled the favors without fail. This is the starting of corruption practices. Later on it became money! Present day politicians easily term them as gifts and escape public criticism. Since media is very active nowadays, transactions are being carried out through some middleman.

Middleman in every transaction

The middleman phenomena!

We are hearing about many scandals in the media about middleman who facilitate high value deals from other countries, who have links with many influential people. They first spend a lot to acquire the help of local people who have good influence in the ministries concerned. Otherwise, it would be difficult to clinch a deal. First of all, the foreign companies who tender for big value deal appoint public relation officers (touts) to clinch a tender abroad! They develop contacts in those countries which intend to purchase some sophisticated weapon system or air craft carriers. Each Nation with vie with one another to secure the contract to boost their economy! This is ow international tenderers clinch a deal in a foreign country. They spend a substantial amount for enabling the deal. The amounts will be deposited in third party accounts in some remote locations where there is no strict auditing. This is how many politicians and middleman transact businesses valued billions of dollars! They use all techniques to work out in their favor. They entertain important persons and their families and give them free air tickets in executive class in some foreign tourist locations. Entertainment depends upon the taste of the guests. Lavish parties and other means of convincing the persons are liberally used. Hence behind every high value deals, many things happen behind the scenes.

Open source in corruption

Media brings out corruption in higher places!

One fine morning, some clever detective traces the source of funds deposited in many foreign locations. It is very difficult to locate the links, yet many cases are reported in investigative journalism. It may take years to prove the alibi and link those politicians who are responsible in those secret affairs. In every country, the media unearth such notorious deals and bring to book the suspected middleman. But, in certain countries, it takes ten to fifteen years to convict the people involved. Before the verdict is pronounced, some of the culprits and witnesses might have passed away complicating the judicial process. Excepting India, most of the countries punish the culprits ruthlessly and sometimes with stringent life sentences! In India, people are soft hearted and they never pronounce extreme punishments so easily. Each case will reach the corridor of Supreme Court for favorable judgements. Hence people never stop appealing even after pronouncement of convictions. They seek bail and most of the time bail is granted with some conditions. Thus we have many politicians who are freely roaming across the length and breadth of the country as though they are the most innocents. Such cases exceed our imagination. Almost 50% of members of parliaments and assemblies have criminal backgrounds. Yet they contested the elections and won seats! Many have murder cases foisted on them, yet they roam very freely. Pathetically our Criminal Justice systems need to be revamped mercilessly.

In several Islamic countries, the punishments are tough. Hence, out of fear, many criminals lie low. If someone steals even petty amount, his hands are severed! But in India, millions of Rupees are siphoned off by influential peoples without getting caught! Hence, there is no deterrence to crimes. If such punishments are meted out in our country, corruption and crime rate will definitely fall.

There is no second opinion that innocents should not be punished. For preventing such situations, the Police, Courts and other law enforcement agencies must become upright, with full of duty conscious. There should be no fear or favor. Then only we can improve the Law and Order trends prevailing in society. Hence there is vital need to educate our children in moral education. Besides secular teachings, everyone should adopt morality in day to day life!

Election is breeding ground for malpractices

Corruption free society

Is it possible to root out corruption?

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