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Where money do not matter at all!

Updated on March 19, 2013

Saibaba giving Dharsan!

In Sai Service, money do not matter!

The appetite for money is insatiable. Only few people have no attachment for money or properties. Even the so called Gurus or Religious heads garner quite a share of bank balances and landed properties. Where money is garnered, virtues disappear quickly. There is one place on earth, where money is a taboo! We have seen in many temples or religious places, prominent steel boxes are kept for the devotees to offer their contributions. But in Prasanthi Nilayam, there is no such ‘hundi’ or collection boxes kept anywhere. Even the coconuts or flowers are offered only at the entrance shrine of Ganesa and not anywhere else. No body collects those flowers are coconuts. The devotees keep them there after breaking and some devotees take the part of coconut as prasadam. From the beginning, Saibaba has cautioned that no member of the Organization should collect donations or money for any activity. Then how they are being managed is a great question of interest.

Sai Organization consists of many Sathya Sai Samithi in the nook and corner of every place. The main objective of the Samithi is to undertake service activities, conduct periodical Bhajans( singing of God’s name in chorus) and Nagara Sankeertan (Devotees gather at a preplanned place in the early morning and go round the habitations in many streets for around an hour, singing the names of God to the accompaniment of musical instruments. The money needed for the expenditure is shared between members themselves whether it is for providing free food distribution or medicine or other activities. Saibaba says that the atmosphere is polluted by the vicious thoughts of the people, quarrel and strife, unbridled desires, greed and hatred. The only disinfectant which will nullify those effects are the names of God sung in nice tones lovingly and faithfully. Hence he frequently conducts “Yagnas” (Fire rituals for the welfare of entire mankind). He promotes Veda chanting by the students of his university more frequently. We have heard that even students of foreign origins have become experts in the chanting! Saibaba has also cautioned the students about seeking huge pay packets. He tells them often that the degrees should never be bartered for Job. After studying in the collages and acquiring the degrees, embark on the service of rural poor population. Do not seek the Jobs. Jobs should seek you by seeing your sacrificing tendency and virtues.

He never asks the students to starve. He says ‘money is essential for leading a life on earth. But you should have just enough money to live and lead your life. He has given a nice example: “When you go to a shop to purchase a shoe or slipper, you give your foot size to the salesman. The salesman will select appropriate size of the desired design. We usually wear the chappal or shoe there itself, to find whether it is a correct fit. If it is a higher size, it will slip from your feet. If it is a lower size, it will bite you or hurt your feet. Hence we select the correct fit. Likewise, one should have enough money to lead the life comfortably and not in luxury..

Hence, coming to the main topic, we should disassociate from hoarding or garnering money. Whatever excess we earn should be spent on the poor for feeding them, educating them and making them also equal citizens. Hence Saibaba has founded a Free University system wherein all students study without any fees whatsoever. An entrance test is conducted for the eligible candidates and based on the performance, they are selected for admission. Students are taught both secular and spiritual education imparting value based education to all. In addition, Saibaba has founded two super speciality Hospitals which cater free health care to one and all without spending even one coin. Costly surgeries which easily cost two to three lakhs outside are performed free of cost, medicines and food are served free to the in-patients. Likewise he has spent many crores of rupees for providing potable drinking water to many villages around which were hitherto deprived of the same. No Government has tried this in spite of collection of taxes from the public. Finding the nobility of the ventures undertaken by the Trust, many voluntary donors who wish to participate in such philanthropic activities send their contribution through Banks. More than two thousand students both boys and girls get free education in Sai educational Institutes. The expenditure easily runs to many crores in addition to financing the expenditure on two major hospitals. In addition Saibaba has got constructed houses for the displaced persons due to cyclone in Odisha and other places. When the intentions are noble, resources are no problem.


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