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The Emerald Tablets - What Are The Halls of Amenti?

Updated on May 29, 2019
The Halls of Amenti are between the highest and lowest dimensions, distorting the only Truth that exists in the Universe. The Omega Point stands for Divine Reason = Wisdom = Unconditional Love.
The Halls of Amenti are between the highest and lowest dimensions, distorting the only Truth that exists in the Universe. The Omega Point stands for Divine Reason = Wisdom = Unconditional Love. | Source

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About The Halls of Amenti

Emerald Tablet 2 is about the Halls of Amenti. But what does Thoth mean with the Halls of Amenti?

There are many speculations what the Halls of Amenti could be. From mystical realms to star gates, or maybe a hidden cavity underneath the Sphinx. Misconceptions are easily born by taking words literally. Transposing words literally from the mystical domain to the material domain is a mistake.

The Halls of Amenti act as a distortion filter between our physical being and the Soul. It is the realm between the Omega Point and our 3D world. Reincarnation happens from the Halls of Amenti back into a new physical body. This will continue to go on until you finally "get it", i.e., that the physical world is an illusion.

The term Omega point (and Noosphere) was first coined by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and stands for the highest level of consciousness, i.e. God consciousness.

The Halls of Amenti, the ultimate hall of mirrors, is the realm of the great illusion that is only passable by knowledge, wisdom, and complete lack of Karma. After passing the Halls of Amenti merger with the Omega Point follows.

If that idea completely resonates with you, there's an immense task waiting for you!

He who by progress has grown from the darkness, lifted himself from the night into light, free is he made of the Halls of Amenti, free of the Flower of Light and of Life.

— Thoth
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-The-Atlantean
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-The-Atlantean

Written long before our official history began, more ancient than we can imagine. Reading, rereading, and rereading the book will awaken ancient seeds in the Human soul which will finally transform our life onto a higher level.


Projection of a Higher Reality

The world we live in is a projection of Souls. The Soul is able to materialize itself through Fourier Transforms. Matter is a pure mental phenomenon, and not vice versa like science assumes.

The material world is a projection of the highest Truth down to the lowest projection, where it becomes a tangible hologram which we call matter. It has similarities with Plato's treatise on the allegory of the cave where cavemen were looking to their shadows on the wall instead to the source (the light) that was behind them.

Matter is the result of Minds. And that might be very hard to understand. Everything seems to be on its place and tangible, isn't it? So, how can it be an illusion then?

As Above So Below

AS ABOVE SO BELOW. The Halls of Amenti exist between the 3D world and the soul world. Between the frequency domain and the space time domain. Between 3D and the highest dimensions ( 6).
AS ABOVE SO BELOW. The Halls of Amenti exist between the 3D world and the soul world. Between the frequency domain and the space time domain. Between 3D and the highest dimensions ( 6). | Source

The Senses Are Probing an Illusion

We've learned from our birth to rely on our senses, and we are conditioned to think in terms of matter over mind. We've been taught the idea that our physical brains, made from dead atoms, produces all our thoughts. We have to overcome this superficial idea. Or better, we have to dump this idea completely. It is a false paradigm.

When you have fallen for materialistic scientific ideas you will get lost in the Halls of Amenti, until you finally reach the first gate guarded by an Archon; you won't even pass the first gate, and be thrown back into a new body.

At school and study we are trained to rely on our senses as organs of truth. In daily life we learn to probe the world through our senses. Because we are incessantly conditioned in that way, we are unable to unlock the Universal Secrets.

We need to know these Secrets in order to incorporate and to live them during our Earthly life. Knowing alone is not enough.


When we solely rely on our senses, we are unable to understand the invisible, undetectable truth which underlies all matter. What our senses perceive is converted into signals, which is interpreted by our brain as to be real.

But there is no way to verify the thing we perceive is actual the 'truth', other than a material representation. We lack organs of truth. The ultimate truth is only mentally conceivable, and especially by grasping the mathematical reality intuitively.

Our universe is 100% mathematical, that is why the unreasonable 'god' of the Old Testament is no true god. It is only a gatekeeper, the bouncer at the door, which some religions have turned into a god. Pure reason is a divine quality, that is why so many people feel attracted to mathematical patterns.

The essence of the Human Soul is divine, made in God's image, but tragically have most people no idea what they really are.

The Pleroma is Guarded by Many Levels

The non-material world is conceptualized by the Gnostics in this way. It is in accordance with new scientific ways of thinking.
The non-material world is conceptualized by the Gnostics in this way. It is in accordance with new scientific ways of thinking. | Source

The Pleroma

According to the String theory, also called the M-theory, has the 3-dimensional physical world at least 7 (thus at least 10 in total) dimensions above. Any Theory of Everything will claim many more dimensions than just 3. The universe is not made of matter alone, like some atheists believe.

The Halls of Amenti are situated in the higher dimensions, and ruled by pure energetic entities that several religions have called Lord the Almighty, Yahweh and Allah. Again, he is the bouncer at the gates. Plato has called it the Demiurge. The Demiurge has many shapes and forms, and guards together with the Archons the gateways to the Pleroma.

These energies distort the pure vibrations which are emitted by the highest level, the Pleroma. It is everyone's duty to overcome this, that's what Humanities real task here on Earth is. It is not to be someone else's slave. What are you?

Pure Wisdom Thoth

Thoth, known as the Egyptian god of Wisdom
Thoth, known as the Egyptian god of Wisdom

To Be or Not To Be

There's nothing wrong with having a job and to work hard. Only when you identify yourself solely with this earthly material life (I am this or that), this low self awareness will cause a Soul, after death, to be stopped at one of the gates. Your identification has nothing to do with your physical being, it is a mental state. You take it with you after death. These Souls will be stripped from their memories and cast back down to the Earth to do it all over again. It will reincarnate in a certain form depending of its Karma.

The Demiurge, the lower god, has installed 8 levels of guardians, which the ancient gnostics named Archons or dark angels. As long as there are vibrations within you which vibrates with one of the Archons, it will recognize you as one of them, and cast your Soul back to where it came from. It sounds easy to get rid of unwanted vibrations, but it is wildly difficult. Getting rid of these Archonic vibrations is your REAL task here. Traumas for example are also Archonic vibrations.

Living a tranquil, self-exploratory life helps. But leaving your comfort zone on a regular basis in combination with thorough Self-examination on a daily basis is a must.

The Archons prevent immature Souls to enter Paradise which precedes the Middle Kingdom and finally the Pleroma. The road to become one with God, the Pleroma, is heavily guarded. Only fully detached, rationalized Souls are able to enter the Pleroma.

It is said by Thoth that some impure Souls, by cheating on the rules, very rarely pass all gates and enter Paradise. These Souls will be cast into the abyss. It's game over as long as this universe lasts, that is to say until the next Big Bang.

From Source to Projection and What is in Between

The Omega Point is the only true reality, all lower dimensions are illusions.
The Omega Point is the only true reality, all lower dimensions are illusions. | Source

Expression of Higher Dimension

The Emerald Tablets are written in a language from a higher dimension expressed on our lower dimension. Similar with the projection of a 3-dimensional shape in a 2-dimensional plane. In the case of the Tablets not in shape but in text.

Let's assume that a square from the 2nd dimension could speak and would explain how a cube from the 3rd dimension would look like. It would sound funny in both dimensions.

If the cube would try to explain how his world looks like, the square would be only confused. It would take great wisdom from the cube to explain his world to the square.

In fact it's impossible to express in our language the full meaning of a higher dimension. It's only possible by developing a feeling (intuitive mathematics) from the inside, through our Soul. To equally combine feelings with reason is utterly crucial to grasp the Ultimate Truth. Meditation is the key to that.

Everything that's written in the Emerald Tablets has to be lifted to the highest dimension and not to be taken literally on our 3rd dimension.

On Earth, man is in bondage, bound by space and time to the Earth plane.

— Thoth

Ignorance Keeps YOUR Underworld Intact

Ignorance is what keeps The Halls of Amenti on Earth intact. When the Ego is not aware it is a "just" a lower reflection of something higher, the Soul, this ignorance keeps the Ego in charge of all actions, and therefore at the level of ignorance.

Every individual is an expression of the Universe. An ever glowing spark from the Eternal Fire. Duality, arrogance, jealousy and darkness exist only by the grace of ignorance.

The purpose of life is to outgrow the Halls of Amenti, to cast away the veils of the great illusion. Therefore ignorance must be conquered. And this is the most difficult full-time job one can have on Earth.

One step thou has gained on the long pathway upward, infinite now is the mountain of Light. Each step thou taketh but heightens the mountain; all of thy progress but lengthens the goal.

— Thoth

The Demiurge and the Ego

The Entity (God) mentioned in the Old Testament is disobedient from its place of origin - The Pleroma or Pure Love. According to Thoth and other (gnostic) sources as well is this not the highest Entity, but represents itself as the highest Entity.

Mainstream religions are without exception misleading by not explaining how the world of illusion is constructed. The God of the OT is the bouncer at the door but represents himself as the Big Boss. This entity (or deity) disturbs the Universal Truth like a colour filter in front of camera, and makes it even harder to find the truth.

Gaining selfknowledge is the most important step in gaining wisdom. Start to practice by radiating love and compassion around you. Why is that so hard? Because in most cases the little 'me', the damaged ego, full of self-pity, stands in your way to unlimited freedom, hence enlightenment.

The Demiurge stated "I am God and there is no other God beside me." It was saying in other words: "there are other Gods, not only besides me, but even above me."

Your Ego is YOUR Demiurge. Your Ego is your bouncer at the door. It will present itself as the boss, and throws everyone out that dares to oppose that idea. The collective Ego of communities is THEIR Demiurge. And so on.

As above, so below.

He who by progress has grown from the darkness, lifted himself from the night into light, free is he made from the Halls of Amenti, free of the Flower of Light and of Life.

— Thoth

How to Imagine the Distortion From Above to Below

How the distortion filter works from the 10th dimension down to the 3rd dimension.
How the distortion filter works from the 10th dimension down to the 3rd dimension. | Source

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.

— Buddha

Reason and Wisdom

Reason and Wisdom provide the way out of the rabbit hole. These are the Divine qualities to pass the Halls of Amenti. The material projection of your Soul will be recycled again and again through the Halls of Amenti as long as Reason and Wisdom are not your highest values. But that is not enough.

Feelings and emotions are the lowest qualities of Humans (three lower chakras), since they develop first. Pure Reason (including intuition) are the highest qualities (three highest chakras). The essence of divinity, that is to say escaping the Halls of Amenti, is to balance these two qualities equally in the heart centre at all times, and not to prefer one over the other.

The Universe is mathematical. It is nothing else. Emotions and faith won't help to find the keys. Intellectualism won't help you find the keys as well. Balance is all.

Reading will bring knowledge. Sharing your thoughts and reflection with people who stand on your level (or even higher) are the most important things to do in life. Inner reflection, introspection, understanding the driver of your feelings and emotions, is a must to gain consciousness, and this is done by meditation. Socrates already said it: "The unexamined life is not worth living." Remember that for the rest of your lifetime.

This is the only real task humans have on earth.

Spoke to me then the voice: Go, as yet will. So be it decreed. Master are ye of your destiny, free to take or reject at will. Take yet the power, take ye the wisdom. Shine as a light among the children of men.

— Thoth

How Higher Dimensions Are Expressed on Lower Levels

All Chapters of the Emerald Tablets

The History of Thoth, The Atlantean
The Halls of Amenti
The Key of Wisdom
The Space Born
The Dweller of Unal
The Key of Magic
The Seven Lords
The Key of Mystery
The Key to Freedom of Space
The Key of Time
The Key to Above and Below
The Law of Cause and Effect and The Key of Prophecy
The Keys of Life and Death
Secret of Secrets

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