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Inspirational, Uplifting and Encouraging Bible Verses: Colossians Chapter 3: Hang On, Help is on the Way

Updated on December 8, 2013

Helping Hand

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace.” Colossians 3:15NIV

Makes perfect sense, at least the peace part of it. Christ association and “members of one body” we will get to in a second.

Peaceful conduct would seem the goal, outside of situations where an unreasonable person or group forced you into self-defense mode.

How does Christ fit into the mix? Well, let’s consider a situation. Let’s say I was really mad at my wife, felt she was being entirely unreasonable. At about that time, a strong drive came on to put my foot down and let her know about it. Justified or not, I am aware that the end result will be exacerbation of an already tension filled scenario. So I stop, detach and call out to the Lord. Ask Him to help out. A few minutes later, she walks in and says she is sorry for being a witch. Not quite as sorry as I would have been for being a tyrant. The situation has been successfully diffused and all is well.

So that is the Christ part, subject to whether or not one believes in Him. His Gospel claiming a body here on earth, comprised of a network; a family of believers. One benefit of club membership, we have direct access to the Guy in charge and can call on Him anytime for help.


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