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Where Godlessness Leads: Evolutionism>Atheism>Humanism>Communism>Dead End

Updated on December 12, 2012

"A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic." -Joseph Stalin

Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome. "Ideas have consequences and bad ideas can have lethal consequences." About 150 years ago, a book was released “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life by a man named Charles Darwin. Darwin after marrying his cousin had children and after the death of his daughter a grieving Darwin sat down to writes a book on how the world could come to be without God. Keeping this in mind let, we look at the history of Darwinism and its part in Communism's legacy of death and suffering. Socialism/Communism has been tried in 44 countries and has FAILED EVERY TIME, with a minimum death toll of 168 million. So why does it seem that the United States is headed down the same dangerous path by flirting such evil. All too often when conversing with non-Christians especially atheist. The argument I get regularly is "Christians and Jews are the cause of ALL wars and witch burnings, etc. I'll Be the first to admit people have used Christianity to condone horrible things, but before you conclude that they were Christians ask yourself what teaching of Jesus were they following. The Bible teaches "you will know them by their fruit" so if they were Christians you can tell by the "fruit" left behind. The same goes for the religion of Evolutionism, Communism and Atheism.

This article is not about religion, but worldview. What you view about your origins determines your worldview. If you believe you are created, but a loving God and every human being was made in the image of God. You will reflect that by fighting for freedom, abolishing slavery, protecting the lives of the unborn, upholding traditional and moral truths, helping your fellow man, protecting free speech, self-control, traveling across the world to help those in need and delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ and leaving behind a gracious and peaceful people, dying (being martyred) for their beliefs and for their faith in Jesus Christ. This true, often untold legacy of the Christian worldview. On the other hand, we have the evolutionary atheistic materialistic, communist worldview, which foundation is Darwinian evolution. This worldview is reflected by the censoring of free speech, removing God from society, moral decline by pushing the gay agenda, li(berating) women by introducing "the pill" and roe v wade letting women have "risk-free" sex and viewing the unborn child as a burden, and use abortion as birth control. They achieve this by pushing evolution, which tries to, lower human life to that of animals is what Darwin taught. Labeling the Bible as hate speech and calling parents who teach their children biblical and Christian principles "child abusers". In fact, the way the evolutionary worldview keep their agenda going is by negatively labeling the opposition i.e. "anti abortion", " anti gay marriage", "anti science" and by ridiculing calling anyone who disagrees with them "bigoted", "racist" "homophobic", "stupid". Just surf around the Internet and look at any book written by a creationist or ID proponent on Amazon and witness the venom spewed by evangelistic atheist and you will soon notice that they won't deal with the arguments presented by the creationist or ID authors, but they will ridicule and name call and censor. This a common tactic Hitler used so people would believe Jews and Christians were the problem. Last but not, least, the legacy of death and suffering all rooted from the Darwin slogan survival of the fittest.

Believing man got here through millions of years of death and suffering and only through more death and suffering humankind can/will "evolve to the next level. The media, the cinema and television helps with this by propagating more lies such as "evolutionism as fact and the Bible as myth", "socialism is good, capitalism is bad", "Christians are stupid, intolerant, flat earth thinkers that want to keep America in the dark ages", "Science has all the answers and are the only deciders of truth", "removing those (Christians) will help the world achieve peace lead to a liberal, socialist utopia". These are the mantras they have echoed history and it quickly followed by a horrific amount of death and suffering. We simply cannot see the error of our ways so we will continue to repeat it. In conclusion, no matter what liberal revisionist history books say this country was found on Christian values and because of that foundation we have thrived. God is NOT the problem, we are. There is no such thing as manufactured peace. We are living in a fallen world, but because God so loved this fallen world He gave us His Son Jesus Christ through which we can be saved. Repent and Trust and you too can escape the upcoming judgment of the world and learn true peace that is found in His grace and love. Why people still believe evolution after true science refutes it.

For those wanting to know more about creation science and why the bible is true.

Why do atheists avoid their past?


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