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Where's the black?

Updated on November 18, 2010

Were's the black...

Where's the black. . . in black men?!

Where's the black in black men?! Did we lose it while sweeping the streets?

Or did we lose it while searching for food for his family to eat?

Where's the black in black men?! The black man used to be so strong!

Did he lose it searching for wealth? Where did he go wrong?!

Or did he lose it when he left his family alone?!

Where's the black in black men?! Where's the PEACE, the BLACK POWER, the LOVE?!?!?!

Did he forget he is a KING and that the whole world keep dreaming of?!

Where's the black in black men? Oh!!! Did they put it in jail?!

Did he lose it all on the auction block when they put his blackness on sale?!?!?!

Where's the black in black men?! He used to be uncles, brothers, and dads!

Now!!! He's just wasting time being pushers, pimps, and fags!!!



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    • profile image

      Qiana Drennen 7 years ago

      I like this.its real talk