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Whether life is 'rosy'?

Updated on December 16, 2012


Fate is a misnomer.

There are many topics of interest in this world. Those pertaining to life are of particular importance. Today's topic is 'whether our life is rosy'? Many of our readers will aver, "it depends on our outlook of life! No doubt, that the world will be seen in the color of the glasses we wear. If you wear green glasses, every thing would be seen as 'green'. But let us examine the views of majority of the people who are not optimistic about life. Why people are not 'optimistic'?. Their expectations bear always negative results. There is a psychological fear in them. Hence they are pessimistic about life.

Those who are optimistic about life have abundant self confidence. But 'self confidence alone can never bring success. They embark upon the tasks enthusiastically. Naturally, this boosts their morale. Hence their chances of getting success is more. For them, the world may look rosy. There is a third category of people who are philosophical about life. To an extent, they develop 'equal mindedness' towards the outcome of efforts. They will never exult due to success nor become crestfallen due to failure. They know intuitively that life is a mixture of pleasure and pain alternating in quick succession. Many feel that 'hard work' results in success. But there are many in the world who toil day and night but they don't succeed in life. Hence, there seems to be no connection between hard work and success. Though hard work is essential in every venture, it may or may not succeed.

If we examine deeply, there seems to be some unknown reasons for our successes or failures. The scriptures provide the answer. No effect can be seen in this world without a prior cause. If one suffers, the cause also lie within him. First of all, our life is not an 'isolated' incident in this world. Failures or success can be traced down to our own actions. There is one valid example. You want to grow a 'mango tree' in your garden. For that you plant a mature mango seed. Out of the mango seed, only mango tree will grow. If you plant some bitter neem seed, and pine for mango fruits later, how it is possible? Likewise, all our deeds bear fruit later according to the nature of deed. If you practice 'goodness' throughout your life, you will reap only good in later years. If you are following evils and perform evil deeds most of your life, you can never expect to remain happy in life. Also, there is no use complaining about 'fate'

Fate is really nothing but 'our own making'. None has thrust 'fate' in our life nor 'God' is in any way connected with our fortunes are misfortunes. God is like a 'postman' in a strict sense. He simply delivers letters. He is particular only about the 'correct addressee'. He is not concerned with the contents of the letters. To some, the message in the mail may bring cheers but to some others, it may bring 'tears and grief'. You are the architect of your own life. Whether life is rosy or not depends on our own deeds!


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