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Which Church Is The Right Church? Which Religion Is The Right Religion?

Updated on April 2, 2016

The Correct Religion, The Real God

The most important decision we will ever make is one of the most difficult choices we have to find the answer to. It determine the fate of our soul. Our soul depends on the knowledge of following the correct God. Our eternal life is at risk here. How do we figure this out? READ!

God had his teaching and laws relayed to us by Prophets. These prophets wrote these teachings on Scrolls which have since been ruined from decay or destroyed by others who wished us not to know what God wants us to know. They were also written in languages that do not even exist today and in which there is no 100% accurate way to change those words into words we use today in our language.

The oldest form of scrolls that has been found up-to-date is the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were found in a cave by some sheepards in the past recent years. They were written in a language that does not exist today but is still known. The best translation of those scrolls in the English language corresponds to the English Version of the King James Version Bible. There were things that were in the Dead Sea Scrolls that were not in the King Jmaes Bible. Also, there were words that the King James Version Bible has in addition to what is on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

So they should be looked at together if you want to really get to know what God has to say to us

How to Know Your Are Following The Correct Religion? The Correct God?

The only way to know for sure you are following the Correct God is to Research, Research, Research, Research! The only way to know that your eternal soul is going to be safe is to study the bible, listen to your pasture, research on your own, and be devoted to God's real word. Do not belief everything your paster tells you.

Investigate it. Christmas, Easter, and other holidays were celebrated by myself until just recently I belief I have been mislead from what research I have done.

For example- I was always informed Christmas was celebrating the birth of Jesus. I believed Jesus was born on this day. Well, in researching I have came to the conclusion that there is now possible way Jesus could have been born on that day. I have also learned our ancesters to America did not celebrate Christmas and that it was against the Law. The only ones who did celebrate it did it behind closed doors. Why was that?

Ask yourself questions. Be responsible for your everlasting life and make sure it is with God. read the bible and research it until YOU understand what the words mean not what only one person is telling you. No one is perfect and everyone can interpret one saying a thousand ways.

In the example of Christmas I have learned that it is possible that when the rom,ens were switching to christianality that they did not want to give up there holidays so they tried to make them Christian holidays so they could still celebrate them. Is it possible that Christmas was a Holiday that had previously been celebrated for something else? Research it!


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