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Which Day Did Jesus Die? According to a Hebrew Bible...

Updated on October 15, 2018

Jacob (Israel) blesses his sons who are to be a great nation.


The Mystical Aspect Of The Advent Of Messiah.

Beside the deathbed of the great prophet Jacob, father of the nation of Israel, his son Judah received a blessing, and one particular portion defined a definite timeframe for a character named Shiloh:

A Sceptre Of Authoritative Judgment And Retribution Shall Not Be Withdrawn From Judah, And A Staff (To Decide Law) From Between His Feet, Until The Time In Which Shiloh Shall Come, And To Him Will Be A Gathering Of Peoples (Gen.49:10).

According to the Hebrew phrasing of the Davidic Temple Liturgy, this is one to whom a gift is due (Ps.76:11). Now it cannot be denied that the royal line of Israel must terminate with Shiloh, the gematria of which, he shall come – Shiloh (13+345), is equal to the number of Messiah, being 358, and both number combinations form 16. The alternative rendering of the proper noun, Shiloh, with a vav ending, corresponds to the reading in the Psalm where a gift will be brought to Him who is to be feared. The last official King of Jews was Marcus Julius Agrippa (Herod Agrippa II), partially of Hasmonean descent, who reigned until he was deposed by the people around 64AD, four years before the destruction (Jesus ben Miriam was supposedly born around 1BC, and the Herodian Temple destroyed in 70AD, but he was actually thirty years of age, according to Luke, during his ministry, being primarily 27AD). Under the final occupation by the fourth kingdom, of Rome, (Dan.2:33, 40-43), Judah's sovereign power effectively lapsed once and for all, and they became subject to the final power which Messiah must break (Dan.2:34-35, F. Josephus, Antiq., 17.13.2). Although they still retained authority to administer official legal justice it was no longer through a king in many cases, according to the region of Israel, and the magnitude of the crime in question (F. Josephus, Antiq., 18.1.1).

Birth of prophet Daniel
Siege of Jerusalem (I) by King Nebukadnetsar II
The Babylonian Chronicles, British Museum, also Nebuchadnezzar Chronicle, Donald Wiseman, 1956
Countdowns begin
Siege of Jerusalem (II) by King Nebukadnetsar
2Kgs, 25:1-11, 2Chron.36:11-14, Jer.1:3, 32:4-5, 34:2-3, 39:1-10, 52:4-15
Removal of Mosaic Ark by Jeremiah & Kohenim
c. Late 588BC
10 years conclude
Foundation of Achaemenid Empire
Ancient History Encyclopedia Limited
Reign of King Darius (The Great) I
Behistun Inscription
Daniel's supplication to God for the promise of return
Daniel 9
Second Temple initially completed in Jerusalem
Ezra 6:13-15
10 - 80 years conclude = 70 years
Reign of King Xerxes I
Ancient History Encyclopedia Limited
Nehemia appointment as governor of Judea by royal decree
Neh.5:14 - Two reigning kings have been conflated as one by the writer of this scroll
Political intrigue forces a building cessation in Jerusalem
Ezra 4:4-7, 23-24
Reign of King Artaxerxes I
Encyclopedia Britannica
Ezra and many supporters come up to Jerusalem as the wall is nearly rebuilt
Ezra 7:7 , others cite multiple sources: Greek olympiads, Ptolomy's Canon, Elephantine Papyri, Babylonian cuneiform tablets
140 years conclude from Siege (I) of Jerusalem
Jerusalem is secure and the ministry of Ezra has commenced as well as the weeks of years prophesied by Daniel
Ezra 9:9, Neh.7:1
Death of Ezra
Inferred by the absence of Ezra >Neh.13:3
Nehemiah is recalled to Babylon by King Artaxeres of Persia
Alterations to calendar by Dionysius Exiguus impact hereon
Pope Benedict XVI - Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives
King Herod I (The Great) plans to finance a grand rebuild of the Second Temple
c.23BC/21BC by modern calendar
Basis of historic inference
62 Weeks of years
Herodian Temple rebuild commences
c.19BC/17BC by modern calendar
John 2:20, Flav. Josephus, Antiq. 15.11.1
Jesus born
c.3BC/1BC by modern calendar
Luke 3:23
Jesus' ministry commences
Mid-Month 11, 26AD/28AD by modern calendar
Daniel 9:24-27
Acceptable (Hebrew leap) year of Jesus' ministry - Jesus 30 years old
27AD/29AD by modern calendar
Ex.12:5, Isa.61:1-2a, Luke 4:18-19
7 Weeks of years
Jesus rejected and publicly executed
Day 4, 14th day of Month 1, 28AD/30AD by modern calendar
Matthew 27:62-65, (Greek) 28:1, Mark 16:1-2, Luke 23:54-24:1, John 13:1, 29, 18:28, 19:42
Destruction of Jerusalem & Temple by Roman forces
Mid-68AD/70AD by modern calendar
Num.14:34, Deut.2:7, Ps.95:10, Ezek.4:6, Acts 13:18, Encyclopedia Britannica, Bab. Talmud Seder Mo'ed, Mas. Yoma39b
c.40 Years from St. Stephens stoning/end of 70 weeks of days

Timeline For Prophecy.

There is a period of time allotted onto the holy city, being seventy weeks of years, seventy times seven (490) years, a well attested biblical construction, to restrain the opposition to law, even to seal up all sin, and to atone for wickedness, and to usher in a righteousness for all the ages, and hence seal [up the] vision and prophecy of those who were sent of Israel as God's messengers, and to anoint (the Ark of the Covenant, aka the) Holy of Holies (Lev.16:14, Dan.9:24), and it is decreed that we must also know and understand it is from [the] origin of a word going forth unto a restoration it is a sum total of another seventy years from the word to Jeremiah that he must remove the Ark (Dan.9:25a, 2Macc.2:4-7) unto the Second (Herodian) Temple. And to a rebuilt Jerusalem until an anointed prince (Prince-Messiah) is to be sixty-two weeks and seven. She shall be restored and rebuilt, street and dry-moat, even in the constraint of those eras (Dan.9:25b).

The prophecy gives us two sets of seventy (140) years, from around ten years before the unspecified removal of the Ark (597BC) until a rebuilt Sanctuary (457BC), and from that time until a pivotal moment when Israel must usher in all righteousness, becoming a light to the nations, according to Torah (Isa.42:6, 49:6, 60:3), a period of sixty-nine weeks of (483) years, corresponding to approximately 27AD, but that year must be full so the time commences at the end of 26AD according to the allotment of the remainder. Ten years are for the tablets broken at Sinai. Although it is uncertain whether the seven weeks of seven years can be of relevance in this calculation it certainly does correspond closely to the commencement of the Temple reconstruction under Herod, perhaps even aligning to his actual decision to undertake the work. The finer divisions of days and years shall become clear when the complete prophecy unfolds in forthcoming latter Gospel accounts, and the absent seven years (483-490) were put on hold for the latter-days because the Messiah was rejected by his own people and there was no end to sin in Jerusalem (Deut.31:9-13, Surah 2:83-84). It is accounted in the Babylonian Talmud how there were forty years up to the second destruction of Jerusalem when the Yom Kippur miracle ceased and other bad omens arose. Forty years were allotted to the generation of Moses to wander the wilderness, the same number to the generation who broke their king on Golgotha.

Confirming Shiloh has come.

Daniel Concludes Messiah's Death & The Second Destruction Of Jerusalem.

Daniel 9:26: And after the sixty-two weeks an anointed one shall be cut off, and for naught unto him. And the city, and the holiness, people of a prince to be shall destroy, and, by the end, in flood. And until the end of war desolations are decreed [upon her].

The sixty-two weeks of days mark the end of the weeks of years and are for the end of 26AD, the subsequent leap year, and the start of 28AD. The seven weeks which are not mentioned are allotted for Shavuot (Pentecost) and the offering by the High Priest in seclusion (John 20:17, Surah 3:55).

Daniel 9:27: And during seven (days) combined-as-one shall a mighty-one (Ps.45:3, Jer.31:22, Dan.8:15) covenant unto a multitude. And halfway-through the weekly-cycle (Gen.1:19) he-shall-cause-a-refrain of-sacrifice and oblation. And on a wing of abominations heralding-desolation (Matt.23:38), and until a consummation, even that-which-has-been-cut shall be poured forth on a desolation (Ex.24:8, Isa.10:22, 27:9, Dan.9:26, Matt.27:25).

This is not a different covenant but a renewal of the Mosaic Covenant so that all tribes of Israel shall have Priests, and peoples of all nations may one day be grafted into the vine of Israel. The Second Temple never contained the Ark but it had to be anointed, and only once. For this reason the west side was reserved for that purpose.

An anointed one shall be cut off, and for naught unto him...halfway-through the weekly-cycle. This means Day 4 according to a Hebrew calendar. Why was Wednesday decreed for his death? God decreed that the night sky would be for more than just an annual calendar but that it would mark portents too (Gen.1:14). When He said lights, the text was written in a form which is also read in a double meaning, even to the Hebrew of this day, as an imprecation or malediction. Rashi notes this double meaning in regard to the traditions of the Sephardic elders, the Ma'amad/Mahamad (Jewish Virtual Library), who observed fasts on Day 2-Day 5. Day 4 was a fast for deliverance from the curse of diptheria which seemed to set in about this time (Bab. Talmud, Seder Mo'ed, Tract. Ta'anith27b, Rashi-Gen.1:14), hence this was a demonstration of the reading, and a reminder of the greater curse, a mighty leader for Israel cut off without cause. And they spoke as one, “Let his blood be upon us, and upon our children!” (Matt.27:25).

Covenant of Blood began with Moses, being fulfilled through Yeshua ben Miriam.


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    • celafoe profile image


      12 months ago from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans

      wow- one of the very very few articles I have seen with the correct day


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