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Which is Real?

Updated on July 1, 2014

How We Are Fooled By Images?

The reality behind sense perceptions!

When I say, that we are all mesmerized and hypnotized, how many will take it? The fact is that we are living in a surreal world and our perceptions of the external world through our sense organs are vitiated. Nothing is true so far as our sensory perceptions are concerned! For instance, you are viewing a distant image like the Sun and stars. The Sun looks like a glowing ball of about 9” diameter to our naked eyed. But we can know the real dimensions of the Sun from the astronomical text books and internet. It is so huge, emitting terrible heat and powerful lights. Hence, if we rely upon the naked eye, we are fooled!

Let us consider ‘lightening’. We see first a flash of lightening during rainy season. After a few second, we hear the sound of thunder! This leads to an error of identity. In fact, the lightening and thunder are simultaneous. But the sound reaches our ear after few seconds. Hence there is an error in judgment relying upon our senses and sense organs.

Thirdly, when you enjoy a sweet, the taste lingers on the tongue for very few seconds. If you immediately eat another sweet which has less sugar, you won’t be able to correctly judge the taste of the second sweet.

Stay a few minutes in an air conditioned room. Come out of it. You will feel immense heat outside. Whereas the heat you felt is exaggerated than the actual one. This is purely due to the effect of sudden heat after coming out of an AC room.

The above are certain examples to prove that we should never consider our sensory perceptions as true! Secondly the world around us changes every moment. This is also true with respect to our physical bodies. As handicapped persons can not fully perceive the world and they take the help of other faculties which are intact. For instance, a visually impaired man relies mostly on the sounds around to realize the movements around him. Likewise, a man with hearing debilities communicates with others in sign language. Secondly we normally talk in some manner which is not true. We say that the Sun is rising in the East and setting in the West. This is admitted with reference to the position of the person on the earth. However, many feel that when the Sun has gone beyond their sight, they feel it as real. Due to the rotation of earth around the Sun and the earth’s rotation around its own axis, this visual effect is perceived. Students who have studied astronomy can realize that the Sun neither rises nor sets but is always glowing! When it is day time in India, it is night time in US. This is due to movement of earth around its own axis!

As I have pointed out in some of my previous hubs, the eyes just pass on the image through neurons to the brain which deciphers the same and the mind alone can recognize it. But truly speaking there is an ‘Inner Witness” who really perceives every thing and the mind too is an “Intermediate”. The real seer behind all this is the ATMA or SELF which alone exists for ever and all else is false scenarios created by the MIND!


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