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Which is closer to God?

Updated on February 16, 2013

Jesus and Sai!

The flute enjoys the proximity to the Lord!

Which is closer to God? This question was asked by Saibaba when he was conversing with the students and devotees. As usual, none could give a satisfactory or correct answer. Hence Saibaba himself has answered the question in a beautiful manner! He said that the "Flute", a hollow bamboo tube with nine holes is the closest to God since in the Avatar of Sri Krishna, it was used by Krishna to play sweet music out of it by keeping it near his lips.and blows his breath in it? How it has become so close to the Lord? The only reason is it is absolutely hollow and it has no obstruction whatsoever. By this answer, Saibaba has clarified that one should remain hollow and ego less in order to earn the proximity of God!

With reference to human beings, though God is the closest since he is the indweller of their heart, most of them are not aware of this Truth. Hence they are going to distant places in search of God in the temples and churches, in the Gurudwaras and mosques but they are unable to perceive God anywhere since God is verily in every soul. Hence you need not spend a lot to go in search of God in the outer world. Turn your gaze inside. All scriptures point out to the fact that God can not be perceived by the sensuous mind. He can not be realized through logic and arguments of the intellect. He can be recognized intuitively in the inner Self!

Many people are unaware of the aim of human life. They feel that human life is meant for enjoying the worldly pleasures through the senses and to live happily enjoying the luxuries, the life. They are miserably wrong. Even the animals and insects, eat, drink, sleep and mate and procreate their offspring What is the specialty of human being when he has got the discriminating power to choose the right over wrong? He can analyze the purpose of his birth in the earth and find out the ways and means to escape from this miserable cycle of births and deaths! The so called pleasures of the senses is temporary and won't last long. Hence he should turn his attention away from the fleeting pleasures of the world and focus on reaching the source from where he has come down on the earth. He had undergone many births earlier but he is unable to recollect any of them. Hence Krishna has advised Arjuna in the Bagawat Gita, "Many are the births under gone by you and me! I am aware of all those births but you are ignorant of the same. The great Truths of the Bagawat Gita were taught to the Sun god and later to many recluses by Me! Here, Arjuna interfered and said, Oh! Krishna, you and me are of the same age. How you could have instructed Sun God who is ancient. Then Krishna told him, I am aware of all the births undergone by Me but you do not know them.

As promised in the Geetha, God reincarnates every time when righteousness is on the wean and there is moral degeneration everywhere. God himself descends in human form to correct such situation and bring order and harmony in the world!


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