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Which is most powerful, thoughts or speech?

Updated on April 25, 2017

The power of thoughts!

Which is powerful?

Which are more powerful, thoughts, speech or mind? It seems that the thoughts first arise in the mind and become desires later and these desires are spoken by speech! Without the thoughts first arising, nothing will happen. Hence for all events or happenings or efforts, thought is the first step. But when we examine the speech, this is one of the powerful gifts to mankind. Though other species makes different kind of sounds, man alone can engage in meaningful conversations with others. But the power of words is very great! Words are the cause of great wars. At the same time, words can assuage the pain as well as it can induce peace! Now imagine thoughts apart from the mind! It is not possible, since mind is the container for all thoughts, feelings and emotions. Each feeling is a thought, each emotion is a thought! Talk pleasingly, talk sweetly, and talk lovingly in order to conquer others! When some people talk, we get infuriated like Hitler’s address to his army! While the pleasing talks of Jesus cool our mind and conscious! This is the effect. Mind is like a piece of cloth, in which the threads running in different directions are the thoughts; they are the warp and woof of the cloth. Remove each thread from each direction. Nothing will be left in the end. Similarly when all the thoughts are subdued, there won’t be any entity called mind. The Mind is nothing but the conglomeration of thoughts. When there is a sweet fruit, why should one consume bitter raw one! The taste of mango before it ripens is sour. Once the same is allowed in the tree for some more days, it becomes a sweet juicy fruit. The color of the skin turns yellow while the raw one had green skin. When there are sweet words to utter, why should we use harsh words? Misunderstandings cause communication gap!

Abdul Kalam said.

Human beings, though superior lacks common sense!

Human beings are superior in many ways. But sadly, they never utilize their faculties for the common good of society. Truth and Love are the highest virtues. Peace and non-violence can contribute to human welfare and harmony to a great extent. Look at the condition of the world today. Each leader is threatening the other one with direst consequences. Hence war fleets are stationed at different places. While a leader is an individual and the common citizens in countries face the ire of threatening. It is not like a single combat. Each country is flaunting their military strength by deploying arsenal which is capable to hit targets thousands of miles away. We have seen in many TV programs, the depiction of wars between the good people and demons. While the demons are cunning, they hide behind the clouds and target the soldiers on the ground. They create sudden darkness by a shot of arrow. They enable pouring of fire from the sky. Otherwise, they will drench the entire battle ground with torrential down pour. They confuse the soldiers and army in the opposite side with many a tactics. It is under such circumstances that the terrible war between Rama and Ravana was fought. While Ravana used many stratagems to confuse the monkeys which fought for Rama, he faced the fight in righteous way. When Ravana’s army fell and Ravana becomes a helpless king in the battle field, Rama allowed him to return to his palace and come back on the next day. It is the grace bestowed even on a cruel demon king who usurped the wife of Rama and kept her under the custody of demons. Though guarded by ogress in a garden, Sita never felt aloof, since she was always remembering Rama and uttering his name in the mind. Rama was ready to pardon Ravana if he handed over Sita to him. But the fate of Ravana is sealed and he was sure to meet his death at the hands of Rama in the battle field.

Why destroy this beautiful earth?

Human beings cannot avert wars which are started inadvertently!

It is said that man is intelligent animal. Man has invented many things for his comfortable stay on earth. At the same time he has invented life threatening nuclear war heads. Each Nation starts piling up nuclear arsenal after the conclusion of Second World War. Each nation is threatened by the pile up and hence to safeguard their nation, they have managed to create many anti-ballistic weapons capable of stopping and countering the bombs fired from other countries. Different kinds of radars to find out the firing of bombs were invented and are in place in many countries. All nations have safely forgotten one truth. Even a chance triggering of nuclear war heads will create such a conflagration that the entire earth would be reduced to ashes in few seconds. It is similar to scratching one’s head with fire stick. In these circumstances, where is peace? Though everyone possesses sufficient intelligence to avert such catastrophes, it is not within human capacity to avoid hitting others even accidently. Moreover terrorism is a stark reality everywhere. The nuclear war heads should not come into the hands of terrorists. Already the world is threatened by many atomic power plants which are disturbed due to earthquake and other natural calamities. In addition war clouds are hanging everywhere like Syria, Afghanistan, the Korean peninsula and the Arabian Peninsula. With these threatening circumstances, people are praying for the intervention of the creator to set right the earth and prevent a nuclear destruction!

Nuclear threat is always ON.

Human beings misuse their intelligence!

When fruits are available, why should one consume raw sour one?

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