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Which is the best Christmas?

Updated on December 23, 2014

Christmas is the celebration by the christian community on behalf of the birth of Jesus Christ in this earth. Christmas is celebrated all over the world on December 25th of every year.

In today's world, the Christmas celebration goes in wrong route. Forgetting the reason for the birth of Jesus Christ in this earth, we humans are enjoying in different way and thereby hurting the heart of Jesus Christ.

Why Jesus Born in this earth?

The Almighty send His son Jesus Christ to this earth to show the true love to the people, to care the people, to help others, to get purified from our sins through the blood of the lamb, to be away from sins, to do good things as per His wish, to follow His path, to set a kingdom of Lord in this earth and to set an example for us.

But What we do?

We forget all the thoughts of the Almighty, we forget the Jesus Christ and we are spending our time to other activities, without caring Jesus Christ.

We spend all our money to construct the Christmas Crib. In our locality, they spend Lakhs and lakhs of money to construct big monster size cribs and they organize competitions between the cribs and they give more prize money to the winners. I don't think it is correct. Jesus didn't asked this from us. Have He mentioned anything about this in His Bible?

Yes, we can construct Christmas Cribs, I won't object that. But these Christmas cribs and trees are to show the people that Jesus Christ have born on this earth to remove all your sorrows and He loves you.

Those activities will not be the best Christmas and Jesus Christ would not be happy with that monster cribs.

So which is the best Christmas?

Instead of wasting our time and money, we can help the peoples who were in need of money, who don't have any food to eat, we can help some orphanages or organizations where they take care of poor and ill peoples. So that they would be happy and they can see Jesus Christ through us, which helps to born Jesus Christ in their hearts.

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