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Which God to worship

Updated on May 20, 2016

Worship the God who created you out of this water. Who fashioned your body from clay and blessed you with the light of reason & clear consciousness.

Worship the One who preserved you in your mother's womb. Who gave you invaluable relations of mother and father, charming children and siblings, spouse and friends.

Worship the God who gave you the invaluable air, the priceless water and the burning fire, nature to live.

Worship the One who gave you thirty six varieties of tasty food, a place within to hold them. Who gave you the earth and things to use.

Worship the God who gave you eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to work with and a nose and a tongue. He who gave you feet to walk upon and the crowning glory of your head.

Worship the One who transformed you from impure to pure and installed you above the heads of all creatures. He who has resolved all your affairs and have blessed you.

Worship the God who have become your helper and friend and whose praises have brought you peace. He who removes all your obstacles and eliminates all pains.

Worship the One by chanting whose name all the pains of egotism, selfishness and conceit are eliminated. He who eradicated all the pains and sufferings of the dark age.

Worship the God by chanting whose name all the desires of mind are fulfilled. Peace, celestial bliss, pleasures and the greatest ecstasy are obtained by chanting and meditating on his name.

Worship the One who eradicates anger, greed and ego. By chanting whose name fearful load of sins from countless incarnations vanishes & doubt and duality are also dispelled.

Worship the God by chanting whose name mind and body have been cooled and soothed. His name is the medicine to cure all diseases, sinful mistakes gets erased and misfortune keeps itself away.

Worship the One who does not let his devotees see the difficult times. Giving his hand, he protects his devotee; with each and every breath, he cherishes them.

Worship the God by gazing upon whose marvellous, glorious greatness the mind gets delighted. He who takes away your pains and sufferings, doubts and fear and takes you across the ocean of life and death.

Worship the One who had accepted you as his own and arranged all your affairs perfectly. By remembering whose name egotistical pride from the mind get vanishes.

Worship the God whose value cannot be estimated nor can he be described. Worship the Master of unfathomable depth, the ocean of excellence.

Worship the One who is imperishable and eternal, the allpervading and permeating everywhere. He is allpervading and immaculate.

Worship the God who is the destroyer of pain, Bestower of Mercy, who hears and beholds all. He is eternal, all-powerful and the purifier of sinners.

Worship the One who is support of your soul and breathe of your life. He is not born, and he does not die; he does not come or go.

Worship the God who places his hand upon your forehead and protects you as his own. When he shows his kindness anxiety is removed and the desires of the mind are fulfilled.

Worship the One by worshipping whom pain is driven far away and peace comes in its place. The Messenger of Death does not approach those who are pleasing to the Lord God.

Worship the God whom if we get associated mind becomes immaculate and pure. Associating with them, all the sins are erased and the heart is illumined. Millions of sinners are saved by associating with him.

Worship the One by placing whom in your consciousness pride, emotional attachment, greed and corruption are gone. He who fills your house with celestial peace and bliss.

Worship the God who is the creator of 8.4 million species of beings, and provided for their sustanance. He hears the anguish of the soul, the All-powerful and Infinite Primal Being.

Worship the One who lofty and Inaccessible, whose wisdom is unfathomable. He has no end or limitation. He is the Patron of the poor and the Redeemer of sinners.

Worship the God who dwells deep within the mind and body. He fashioned the soul and the body and fulfils the soul's desire. His value cannot be evaluated and is endless.

Worship the One by chanting whose name all doubts are dispelled. Chanting whose name is the highest religion and erases social classes and ancestral pedigrees.

Worship the God whom remembering in meditation profound peace is obtained. He who is inaccessible, merciful and unapproachable, our companion and support, who unite us with himself.


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