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White Evangelicals Are the Only Christian Group to Express Extreme Hostility Towards Immigration

Updated on October 6, 2019
Cheryl E Preston profile image

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, author, and former newspaper columnist. She has degrees in Psychology and Biblical studies

Evangelicals Jerry Falwell and Franklin Graham
Evangelicals Jerry Falwell and Franklin Graham | Source

White evanglicals Support Trump's stance on immigration

According to Vox, White Evangelicals are the only Christian group to show intolerance towards immigrants. In January, a poll done by ABC and the Washington Post indicated that 75% of White Evangelicals were in agreement with the crackdown on immigration laws, while only 46% of Americans overall felt the same way. In May, Pew Research conducted a poll that revealed that 68% of White Evangelicals said that America was not responsible for housing immigrants. Tara Isabella Burton, the author of the Vox article said that Evangelical beliefs, the Republican party, and White American identity have become inextricable. In other words, White Republican Evangelicals express less tolerance for those who do not look like them, than other Christians.

Burton says that the 45th president's rhetoric has caused a rise in nativism, which is the practice of protecting the rights of native-born or established inhabitants over those of immigrants. She adds that Evangelicals are disobeying the many commands in the Bible to take care of the poor and strangers. She points out Matthew 25 where Jesus said that what we do for the least of these we have done for him. She also mentions Leviticus 19:33–34, Jeremiah 7:5–7, Ezekiel 47:22, Zechariah 7:9–10 which expresses the same sentiment. The article says that when asked a question regarding scripture, Paula White, and other Evangelicals dismiss these verses. Jeff Sessions and former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders both insist that Donald Trump should be obeyed and not questioned based on Romans 13 where Apostle Paul admonished believers in Christ not to rise up against the Romans who were in authority at the time.

Donald Trump and Paula White
Donald Trump and Paula White | Source

Paula White's members and their money defected when she aligned herself with Trump

In May of this year, Huff Post reported that Donald Trump's spiritual adviser, Paula White has lost between 200-300 members from New Destiny Church in Florida because of her support of the president. Some African American church leaders confronted and accused White of betraying them. The prosperity teacher took over the mostly black congregation after former pastor Zachery Timms died in 2012. Huff Post says that donations to the church have dropped about $10,000 a week because of the connection White has with Trump.

Paula White says she is a spiritual daughter of T.D. Jakes and has always pastored churches where the congregations were predominantly African American. She has caused controversy because she teaches that God rewards those who give large financial donations to hr ministry with more money. T.D, Jakes does not share his spiritual daughter's views on Donald Trump. When interviewed by CNN, Jakes said that those who decry ripping immigrant children from their parents arms and said this had never been done before are wrong. He emphasized that the same thing that was done to slave children.

In a March interview with The Guardian, Paula White says that President Trump does not speak "Christianese", but he has a sincere and deep faith. White recently changed the name of the church she pastored to Destiny City and installed her son Brad Knight and his wife, Rachel Joy Knight as pastors. She claims the Lord has told her to move on to other projects, but she will be glad to return for preaching engagements.

Not all evangelicals support Donald Trump

Not all White Evangelicals support the policies of Donalda Trump. Last year 100 Evangelical leaders from 50 states wrote an open letter to the president, asking that he revoke his executive order regarding the Muslim ban. In June, the members of The Southern Baptist Convention voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that upholds the dignity of immigrants. Russel Moore, the president of the Southern Baptists has spoken out many times against Donald Trump's rhetoric and his policies on immigration.

In her Vox article, Tara Isabella Burton quotes Diana Burton Bass, a scholar who specializes in American church history. Bass says that Evangelicals will say that Jesus was born of a literal virgin, but when it comes to caring for the least of these they do not take scripture literally. Bass says this shift in thinking has taken place over a period of time. She states that White Evangelicals' views on immigration, race, and the LBGTQ community show how polarized they are. She says they are changing the interpretation of certain scriptures to support what Donald Trump believes. Burton emphasizes Galatians 3:28 which reads: There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” And says she wonders how the White Evangelical community will attempt to spin this to exclude those who do not look like them.

Racial harmony
Racial harmony | Source

Evangelicals should be more Christian than White.

An article in the Washington Post, by Jim Wallis, also expounds upon Galatians 3:28. He gives statistics from The Public Research Institute American Values Survey which indicated something quite interesting. 82 percent of black Protestants and 80 percent of black Americans surveyed said that the killing of African American males by police represented a broader picture regarding race relations. In contrast, 72 percent of White Protestant Evangelicals, 71 percent of White Catholics and 73 percent of White mainstream Protestants saw the killings of black men by police as isolated incidents. Wallis said the results show the disparity between the groups and emphasized that White Evangelical Christians should start being more Christian than White.

There are two scriptures that the intolerant Evangelicals should consider because there is no way to spin them and make them support DonaldTrump's agenda regarding Immigration. The first is John 3:16. "For God so loved the world, (not just White Evangelicals) that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him(Not just White Evangelicals) shall have everlasting life. The second is Matthew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you: do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. ... shall also do to them; for this is the law and the prophets. This has been translated into what is known as the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. All Christians should tale heed.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Cheryl E Preston


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    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 

      13 months ago from Central Florida

      Sarah Huckabee Sanders is mentioned in this article.

    • Cheryl E Preston profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl E Preston 

      13 months ago from Roanoke

      I did not mention Sarah Huckabee in this Hub. You must have read it in another article.

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 

      13 months ago from Central Florida

      Hi Cheryl,

      When did Sarah Huckabee Sanders say that Donald Trump must be obeyed? I can't imagine such a strong independent woman saying such a thing. If it was said, I'd like to know the entire context.

      Is this a review of the Vox article or are these your views as well?

      I didn't notice the words illegal entry or criminal intent being used when describing what citizens (of all colors and faiths) object to when immigration is the subject. Was that an oversight by the writer of the Vox article or by you?

      Personally, I do not want anyone, sneaking in, entering in under false pretenses, using children to get in...not knowing what their true intentions are.

      If they do it LEGALLY, then come on in, the more the merrier, welcome to the giant melting pot, the United States of America.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      The Logician 

      13 months ago from now on

      Yes, thank you James

      for sharing THE TRUTH, and not an “opinion” based on lies which is what this author has done!


    • Cheryl E Preston profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl E Preston 

      13 months ago from Roanoke

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      13 months ago from Chicago

      And I have to add one more thing. To say that to be against illegal aliens pouring across our border into our country by the tens of millions one must be a racist is ludicrous. That assumes that if 80 million Russians were pouring across our border the same people would say, "That's OK, they're white!" And that is a lie. It is the illegal part that is the problem. I don't care where they are from. They need to come legally or be stopped and sent back where they came from.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      13 months ago from Chicago

      As for the comment by your other guest, keep in mind there is extreme vetting to get into Heaven. And there should be to get into America too. Not because we hate other people who are trying to sneak into our country but because we love the people already here and it is our duty to protect them.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      13 months ago from Chicago

      That very first sentence you quoted from Vox is a lie. Firstly, it is a lie by omission, by word trickery, which is after all the tool of Satan. The people at Vox do not believe in God so we cannot let them tell us who He is and what He wants from us. What conservative people are against is ILLEGAL ALIENS SNEAKING INTO OUR COUNTRY – NOT LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

      Secondly, whites are barely more apt to oppose illegal immigration than are blacks and believe or not Hispanics themselves. All three groups oppose illegal immigration by over 2-1.

      The next assertion, “White Republican Evangelicals express less tolerance for those who do not look like them,” is a lie. Studies show that all Christians are more tolerant of other people than are atheists such as those at Vox.

      Furthermore, recent studies show than “protecting the rights of native-born or established inhabitants over those of [illegal] immigrants” is a belief shared all over the world in every single country on Earth regardless of religion.

      “Evangelicals are disobeying the many commands in the Bible to take care of the poor and strangers,” it goes on to say. That is a bald-faced lie. Evangelicals give FAR more time and money for the poor by every measure than do the godless. This is no secret. It is pretty well known.

      And there is a huge difference between being kind and hospitable to a ‘sojourner’ as the Bible says- someone passing through your land on their way someplace else is what the word means. It does not mean an illegal alien- and ingoring the law when someone sneaks across your border - a deceiver and lawbreaker - to live at your expense. God made no law saying a nation could not have borders and immigration laws. Without them, it isn’t a nation at all.

      As Milton Friedman says, you can have open borders or a cradle-to-grave welfare state but not both. One survey shows that 800 million people from around the world would move here today if they could, from the Third World, most with little skills or education. If they do America will not be America anymore but we will be a Third World country ourselves, full of crime and disease and Balkanized.

      And as for the 'big-hearted Democrats' they could not care less about those illegal aliens. They see them as voters who will put them in permanent power, which they will use to virtually enslave us and saturate us with evil.

      90% of Third World immigrants would vote for Democrats, the research shows. And why wouldn't they?

      If one politician says, "You can come here but you'll have to stand on your own two feet and pay your own way by competing with American workers" but another says, "Come up here and vote for me and I'll give you FREE everything, all paid for by working Americans: housing, clothes, food, education, college, phone, transportation, and even move you ahead of Americans with immediate Affirmative Action if you want to work! And there is no need to assimilate because I am for multiculturalism! And I’ll say anyone against my schemes is unchristian and racist and xenophobic!"

      Of course, someone who doesn't know our language, is not very sharp, has no skills or education will vote for the Communist candidate out of his own self-interest.

      Why don't we help these poor people where they are? We don't have to let them move here to help them.

      As for the police killing unarmed black men, there were 17 such cases in one year. That happens to be the EXACT number of unarmed black men struck and killed by lightening. What is more likely is a police officer being murdered by a black male.

      Jim Wallis a known heretic. He works for Beelzebub, not Jehovah.

      I’ll tell what White Evangelicals do do. They have better relationships with other human beings than any other group. They are happier, healthier and live longer than any other group.

      According to scientific research, Conservative Christians are nicer, more generous neighbors and more conscientious citizens than Unbelievers. Christians not only volunteer for twice as much charity work, they are even twice as likely to volunteer for non-Christian charities than do Unbelievers, especially in service to the poor, elderly, and young. And there is a remarkable difference in giving money to the needy as well. An Unbeliever is five times more likely to have given nothing to the needy last year as a Christian. Moreover, the amounts given are three times larger by Christians. And Christians give four times a larger percentage of their income to the needy. Christians are significantly more likely to give money to strangers, and far more likely to give financial aid to family and friends.

      In a survey of fifteen possible good deeds, e.g., helping someone find a job, donating blood, letting a stranger cut in line, spending time with a depressed friend, or looking after a neighbors house – Christians are far more likely to help others. In fact, in every category Secular people prove to be more selfish, self-centered, stingy, and narcissistic. Christians are also twice as active civically as Secular Americans, belonging to far more community organizations. And Unbelievers trust deeply religious people more than they do other Unbelievers! Christians are more trusting of all other people than Secular people are. Christians express more trust in shopkeepers, neighbors, co-workers, people of other races and ethnicities, and in total strangers than Secular people do.

      Practicing Christians are more than twice as likely to adopt than the general population. While Christians have built a reputation for many of the things they are against, adoption and foster care are emerging as a cause they are for. While only 2% of all Americans have adopted, this rises to 5% among practicing Christians.

      Christians are more tolerant of different viewpoints than atheists, according to researchers in Europe. A new study concludes that atheists and agnostics think of themselves as more open-minded than those with faith, but are actually less tolerant to differing opinions and ideas. This proves that the dominant view taught to Americans through our schools, colleges, and media that secular people are more tolerant and open-minded is a carefully crafted lie – a deception. Who is the father of lies?

    • Cheryl E Preston profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl E Preston 

      14 months ago from Roanoke

      Thank you so much

    • Jason Capp profile image

      Jason Reid Capp 

      14 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Awesome article, Cheryl, and I could not agree more. I actually wrote an article called "The Trump Era Has Turned a Lot of Evangelicals Into Fighters" a month ago, and it touches up on a lot of the same issues. It is mind-boggling the amount of vitriol coming from the Christian Right, especially the white evangelicals. Instead of following the teachings of Jesus, they have traded those for an American Religion with politicians as its leader instead.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this very real and unfortunate issue. I do hope that things will improve, but looking at the world right now, it seems like things are getting worse in many countries.

    • Cheryl E Preston profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl E Preston 

      14 months ago from Roanoke

      Thanks for reading

    • BckSpace profile image


      14 months ago


    • Tony Muse profile image

      Tony Muse 

      14 months ago from Texas, USA

      Good read. I have even read where they claim that the U.S. should have a wall on the southern border because Israel did. This completely overlooks that it was the cities that had walls and that the gates remained open accept in times of war.

      Some will twist scripture however they wish to push a political agenda.



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