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White Heat

Updated on November 22, 2012

About White Heat

This poem is about the halcyon spiritual era of our lives. We were a group of young Christian students on campus years ago. 'The Mountaineers' , I dubbed us. We changed the course of destinies and introduced key players in the history of the body of Christ in that region through prayer.

Making Fire


Born and Forged In White Heat

White Heat was the place I was forged

Where the beautiful hills of Nsukka

Nestled the university in moulded, tall, green fingers.

At night in the harmattan,

The famous cold, dry winds chilled

Villagers, lions and lionesses

But from White Heat,

A fire poured out

Sweeping through the souls of academia

Engulfing the west and east

Razing edifices of pride and worldliness in its path.

We were passionate about it all,

The life of the Spirit

And the Word, the Word, the Word.

Away from sleep’s comfort,

Every Friday night

We made eager pilgrimage through cold, silent, echoing roads

Then the orchestra would begin

As if on signal

The prayers rolled from the stadium, across the valley

And stirred up power and glory

We had something so special, so precious in that physical time

Love stood tall as walls of might about us

Countless numbers of the new specie were born.

We radiated a beautiful light

That attracted all


For the barriers had long been carried to spiritual landfills

And the miracles

Were beyond human belief

We lived in two worlds at a time

Stretching out our hands like the apostles

We saw signs and wonders happen


Tepid is where I lived later.

Where the fires of adventure have been sprinkled

With cooling, clear, predictable waters of religious ritual

And traditions.

I had to return to the forge of my nativity

To live.

And live afterwards.

Photo Credit

Thanks to lrargerich on Flickr for the Photo of Making a Fire.

The use of this photograph here is not representative of the photographer's views.


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    • profile image

      Soska Forbes 4 years ago

      So sweet, AK, and very true !!!

      Thank God for our forging !!!

      Still on fire - with the fire that can cut through iron - not yellow, red, blue,BUT WHITE !!!!!