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White Pastor Says: Jesus Is My N***a in Christian Rap

Updated on February 24, 2013

Has Pastor Jim Colerick Gone Too Far?

So there has been yet another Youtube video to go viral at record speed, involving a White Pastor by the name of Jim Colerick doing a rap about Christianity. Pastor Jim aims at reaching the youth of society and felt that, " order to reach those kids on the street, you gotta do a rap to a hip-hop beat."

Pastor Jim's lyrical exercise is backed by a profound beat and synthesized hip-hop moves that coordinates his effort in delivering a message that will reach the younger generation of today's society through relating to their fancy. It is to question however, the validity of not only the performed rap by Jim, but the antics used in a seemingly good effort and attempt at getting a message across to those that go by a particular lingo. Whether or not Pastor Jim Colerick wrote the lyrics to this song himself remains to be answered. None-the-less, basing on his stage presence, lyrical flow and delivery, Jim seems to be very in tuned and on course for making a hit. Pastor Jim delivers some catchy hip-hop lyrics that makes it appear as though he has been a veteran in the game for many years now. It only gets fuzzy however, when Pastor Jim refers to Christians' lord and savior as "his N***a". "My groove is big and it keeps gettin' bigga, that's 'cause Jesus Christ is my N***a". What!!! Did he just say that. Perhaps the ears of the listener may be deceiving, but it is when being joined by wife Mary-sue, that one realizes the deliberate approach in the rap song.

Pastor Jim brings in his wife Mary-Sue to exercise her lyrical talent, as she seems to do so effortlessly, even delivering catchy verses like; "Jesus Christ is my N***a, he's the son of the original G..." Both Pastor Jim and wife Mary-Sue prance about the video display with attempted hip-hop moves, while delivering their message about 'Christian truth", and even has a distant hype man in view, that seems to be cutting up the record, all while displaying some fancy, on beat, moves himself.

As explained in the rap song, Pastor Jim is trying to deliver a message to kids about Christianity in such a way that he feels those kids can relate. But just whom might these kids be, one may ask? Is it evident and clear that the youth of today are all into hip-hop? Is Jim targeting just a particular demographic of youth? The fine line of tolerance, what is acceptable and what is not, is definitely being walked in this rendition, and one has to ask themselves several questions, including; Has this rap song performed by White Pastor Jim Colerick accomplished the goal? Did this song actually reach those "kids on the street", and perhaps more importantly, just whom are these street kids?

Many inferences can be taken from such a bold gesture put on by a seemingly sincere and honest man of the Lord. But has his attempts overstepped boundaries, or was it all in "good-faith"?


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    • Breatheeasy3 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      Thanks for commenting! I def. had mixed feelings on this and didn't know which way to go. The Pastor seemed to have good intentions, but can we say that he was just that naive to ride that thin lined rope of rascism. Well, I can just say that it's out there!

    • krillco profile image

      William E Krill Jr 

      5 years ago from Hollidaysburg, PA

      More than disturbingly bad taste and insulting on so many levels; it''s....too unfathomable for words.


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