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Whither goes the greedy selfish man?

Updated on July 5, 2017

Wisdom Buddha delivered..

Attachments arise due to ignorance of facts!

Attachments, affection and infatuation all arise due to primal ignorance that one is the body! But scriptures proclaim that every being on earth is embodiment of ATMA. The real “I” is resident of the body and it is not the body. Body is but the outer cover or vesture. As we wear dresses, the ATMA wear the body. As we discard the dresses once it is torn and beyond repair, the ATMA too, relinquish a particular body and go for a new one. In worldly level, this is termed as birth! Once the body is worn out and the Atma changes it, this process is known as ‘death’. Hence death need not be considered as a sad event. In fact we have to remain joyful during death since we are escaping from the troublesome and worrisome tabernacle called body! Only the birth need to be taken as a sad event since one has to undergo all the experiences of the past deeds which are a mixture of good and bad. Hence the body need to undergo pain and torture due to bad deeds of past births as well as Joy and happiness due to meritorious acts of past! Hence none in the world enjoy perennial pleasure or continuous pain. There will be modification of severe effects after sometime. Also, the joy we undergo fades after sometime! This constant change in life makes life ‘livable’. Otherwise, if one is subjected to constant emotion or feelings, he will be bored to death. Hence God has purposefully kept life a mixture of pain and pleasure and thus “Pleasure is an interval between two pains!

The judgement!

Varieties makes life tolerable to us!

Varieties make life tolerable to us. For instant, if I am asked to eat only one food throughout my life, I would rather remain hungry than consuming the same sort of food every day. Hence we have menu everywhere. Sometimes we call them diet since after a week, the same rotation of food is served to us. But that is somewhat tolerable than eating the same food all the day! We crave for recreation and rest of several varieties. But god has given us ‘sleep and rest’ in the night as recreation and rejuvenation. During sleep, several of our organs take rest and even the heart beat and blood circulation becomes slow. We may be engaged in several tasks during the day but the heart, lungs and kidneys are always alert and perform their allotted tasks without our volition. It is involuntary function and hence during sleep also, we are alive but we are not awake. The macrocosm and microcosm of creation is under the full control of the creator. Man’s role here is simple and straight forward. He has to perform his legitimate duties as ordained in the scriptures, lead a righteous life, caring his family as well as others in society who is deprived. On the other hand, if he takes care of his family alone, it is pure selfishness and greed. We need to take care of the poor in society who have none others to take care! All religions talk about sacrifice of our comforts for the sake of others who are in need! Sharing and caring are inbuilt in our self. But due to ego which is nothing but attachment to the body, man refuses to help others who are in need.

Love, the language of the soul.

Sun is the greatest sacrificer in creation!

Even in our day to day life, we come across many instances of sacrifices. The mother sacrifices everything for the sake of babies. The soldiers are sacrificing their comforts and rest for the sake of citizens. of a country, guarding the borders all the twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. They work under most stressful conditions in very harsh climates abandoning food at times for maintaining the vigil. For our sake they sacrifice their comforts. The freedom fighters, who sacrificed their ‘yesterdays’ for the sake of our life today are good examples of sacrifice. We have seen even animals sacrifice many things for the sake of their cubs and calf. The trees sacrifice everything for the birds, animals and human beings. The rivers selflessly feed the plants, animals, birds and people on the way. All elements of nature sacrifice for the sake of creation. The earth bears the greedy man who drills deep holes on its surface. The trees give shades to the wood cutter though he cuts the bottom mercilessly. But, human beings alone avoid sacrifice and sharing! When nature has shown so many examples of sacrifice, it is the selfish and greedy man who lives for his own sake!

The Sun is the greatest example of sacrifice. It is burning incessantly with temperatures of 4000 degrees or more for the sake of humanity on earth. Because of Sun, the plants, insects, birds and beasts live without any problem. Because of the Sun, we get periodical rains. When the heat is more, it induces rainy clouds afterwards. We notice summer rains everywhere. It is because of the excess heat which evaporates surface water of the sea which forms thick clouds in the sky and they pour rain when cooled. We get our food due to Sun. We are able to breathe oxygen because the Sun enable the green leaves to manufacture oxygen after consuming the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. All these effects are due to ‘photo syntheses because of the rays of the sun falling on the green leaves. The plants and trees let out oxygen in the atmosphere which we breathe to live. All animals live thus breathing the air which contains oxygen. Thus the cycle of life goes on forever. Heat and rain enable the earth to become fertile to grow food grains and oil seeds. The trees bear many varieties of fruits and vegetables. The fodders are feed to the cattle. Birds parch on the tree to eat the fruits etc. Bees throng to the flowers for honey. The ecology is perfectly maintained by the ‘[food cycle’ kept in place by the creator. Thus the insects are food to the birds and birds are eaten by bigger ones like the hawk etc. Small animals are feed to big animals. The lion, tiger and cheetah feed on deer, bison and other animals. Small fishes are eaten by bigger ones like dolphins and whales. But man, instead of helping the ecology hunt the blue whales which are ‘endangered varieties’. Man systematically destroys the forests to construct industries which spoil the atmosphere due to effluent gases. He drills the earth for barrels of crude oil and gas. Thus the equilibrium of layers under earth is disturbed causing earthquakes and volcanoes. We are making hue and cry whenever a calamity happens. But man refuses to accept his responsibility in maintaining the eco system. Hence nature teaches man with harsh realities of disasters in which millions perish.

In addition, each country is stockpiling nuclear weapons, each of which can destroy earth many times over! Is it wise on the part of humans to behave so selflessly? Who will teach him lessons on life?

Care for the earth!

Sacrifice is the essence of human life!

Have selfish people remained in joy forever?

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