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Whither we are heading for?

Updated on September 1, 2015

what capitalism has brought?

Morality is more important than wealth!

Mysterious is the human life on earth and most of us are not aware of the aim or purpose of human life! Birds and animals have no thinking faculty and they act on their innate instincts. But, man is the pinnacle in creation, capable of speaking, thinking, feeling, interacting and innovating new things. If the Stone Age man of yore has advanced today in this computer age, it is the thinking capacity, discrimination, and imagination of our ancestors. Each generation has recorded their innovations or they are taught to the young one. Thus, there is a continuity of knowledge dissemination.

The potential of human mind is astounding. Even the most brilliant man on earth use just 5% of the brain capacity. The rest is not used during his life time. Likewise, there are ample resources to sustain many generations of living beings. But, due to the greediness and selfishness, man tries to amaze every thing for his own use or for the sake of his own family. Thus each one has started hoarding wealth beyond his requirement, depriving the poor of their legitimate share of nature. This phenomenon has been rapid, post industrialization. It may look that industrialization has brought more comforts and ease for the life of common man. On the other hand, it is sheer exploitation of labor in those industries, creating rank capitalism. The people who founded those industries hoarded more and more wealth, depriving the dues for the genuine labors.

The first signs of unrest started when the workers started revolting against the owners and struck work. But the ultimate loser is the poor workers. The middle man or leaders of unions enjoyed posh living by getting sumptuous kickbacks from the owners of those factories. Bribes started during industrialization. We see that, when there is a trough in ocean surface, it triggers heavy rain and flood in surrounding areas. The unrest of the workers too triggered such disturbances everywhere. Had the owners paid the correct wages, bonuses and dues to the workforce, the production would be increased. There will be harmony and peace. Those owners have never realized this fundamental human psychology!

We have seen in the past five years or back, the wealthiest nations crumbled under financial blunders by the banks. Many leading banks were closed bringing the economy touching the rock bottom. Now with great difficulty, those countries rose back to near normalcy, thanks to the fluctuations in oil prices due to unrest, civil war and terrorism. No doubt, the US economy was badly bruised during those fateful years but once again they are back to normalcy. Due to globalization and dollar economy, many countries who boasted robust currency and economy suffered huge losses in markets.

India too suffered to some extent but due to comfortable foreign exchange reserves, the economy slowly stabilized. China survived the dollar crash but due to some problems there, China is feeling the heat now. Hence, any event in one place is sure to create ripples throughout the globe. Hence, mere economic prosperity can never ensure peace and happiness to the citizens!

Morality is the back bone of any country. If truth, morality and righteousness are given to go bye, the country will slide down surely soon. These phenomena, we are witnessing throughout the globe. Hence, each individual in the globe should practice human virtues more seriously in the present state of the world. Our ancestors had fewer needs than the present generation. They were not even aware of electricity, telephone, radio or other innovations of technology. Yet they lived happily, healthily with fewer diseases. They worked in fields and toiled without caring for rest. Yet they were happy and peaceful.

Today, due to the innovations of technology, we have bound ourselves inextricably to the communication gadgets. Now a time has come that we can not live apart from a mobile or internet. We need to spend a lot for possessing the gadgets and using data. In the long run, we become slaves to mobile surfing, talking on rides, entangling in traffic accidents etc. Now only the authorities have realized the negative effects of gadgets. Previously we used to read warnings like, “Do not drink and drive”. Now we have the warning, “Switch off your mobiles while driving”. When the world will learn these fundamentals of safety?

Morality alone will save the earth!


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