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Who Am I Today? Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde

Updated on June 10, 2010

We are at times Dr Jekyll and at other time the ugly Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll wanted to get rid of his sinful side through science and still could not get rid of the darkness within, which surfaced as Mr. Hyde.
Dr. Jekyll wanted to get rid of his sinful side through science and still could not get rid of the darkness within, which surfaced as Mr. Hyde.
During and after prayers, we often feel like an angel and that we can do no wrong.
During and after prayers, we often feel like an angel and that we can do no wrong.
Suddenly something happens that frustrates us to the point of going from being a little angel to being more like a little devil.
Suddenly something happens that frustrates us to the point of going from being a little angel to being more like a little devil.

There are those days when I wake up and I’m in a positive mood. I already have my day planned in my mind, and I am ready for action. I want to treat everyone that crosses my past with kindness and respect. Then suddenly it happens, someone says or does something that brings out the worse in me. Guess what; in less than a fraction of a second Dr. Jekyll just became Ms. Hyde. Suddenly my speech changes, instead of nice words of encouragement, snide remarks come forth from my mouth. I no longer have a smile on my face. No, an angry expression took the place of that smile. My wanting to be of service is now wanting to just walk away, and, let whoever it is that put me in this foul mood just serve themselves. Hopefully, this way they will know better than to just ruin my day with their thoughtlessness.

On the upside there are also days that I wake up on the wrong side of bed. I arise from bed feeling that life is just one big joke. I think about what’s on the news, or I feel cheated because things are just not going my way. Then the Lord sends an angel my way in the form of a family member or friend, who just happens to say the right thing. Guess what, my perspective is no longer grim. I start to count my blessings, and as a result I start to act my best. Yes there are those people in our life who do bring out the best in us. Then there are others who well tend to bring out that side of us we would rather not talk about.

I had a Dr. Jekyll, Ms Hyde day last Friday. I woke up in a positive move, energetic and all smiles. I had a yummy breakfast. After breakfast I prayed with my mom, and we asked the Lord to make us better Christians. We asked God to mold us to be more like Him. A dangerous prayer, I know. We even read Proverbs. You would think that after such a blessed morning the angels would come join us for a verse of Kumbaya. Yeah right, well God always tests us so we can know where we really are spiritually. Are we being sincere? Is this just one of those moments where everything is going our way, only to change the moment things start to shift in another direction? Will we still sustain a godly attitude no matter what?

The Lord doesn’t waste any time in testing the depths of our hearts. Just five minutes later my brother in law arrives with their dog. My father agreed to dog-sit for my sister while she and her family went on vacations for a week and half. I’ll be honest with you; although my sister is of the Marley and Me persuasion, I’m just not fond of dogs. Having her dog over is not exactly a joy for me. Right after the dog arrives, my father has to wash the dog’s food bowls, and guess what, he chooses to do the job in the kitchen sink. Well, let’s just say, I saw red. EW! Yuck! Dirty dog drool all over our precious sink. Ms. Hyde was starting to rear her ugly head. I was impatient at the thought of having to change all the dish towels and scrubbing the sink from top to bottom. After cleaning the sink I started to feel better and all was right with the world again. We went on with our house cleaning, and my mother and I finished making and serving lunch. Well, suddenly while eating, my dad asked me if I would run an errand for him. I had other plans, and I really couldn’t understand, why being retired, and having tons of free time, he just couldn’t do it himself. I told him I couldn’t do the errand on that day. He wasn’t thrilled with not getting his way and I could see that on his face. I felt frustrated and that later turned to anger.

I then proceeded to wash the dishes, and when my dad handed his dish to me, after I had finished most of the sink load of dishes, I spoke to him impatiently, and asked him why he didn’t just give me his dish sooner when I was washing the rest of plates. I should have been more patient because he is a slow eater. In response to my remark; he answered me in a frustrated manner, as well, and soon left the room unhappy. Mom then intervened and told me that I was behaving like a real jerk, which I was. I then got impatient with her as well. I was now angry with both my parents.

I went out to do an errand at the supermarket and to cool down. I then thought about how my day went. The Lord then made me realize that He was testing the sincerity of my Christian walk. Did I truly want to be molded to be more like Him, or was I just experiencing some pseudo spiritual high. As believers, we are to have the peace that surpasses all understanding. This means that even, when things are not going our way, we must still choose to behave like Jesus would. We don’t suddenly shift from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. We are steady in our attitude and submit to the authority of the Holy Spirit.

So next time you feel really in tune spiritually, examine yourself to make sure you are walking in the Spirit, because when you least expect it, something will come up to let you know if you are truly are the real deal, or just having a nice day.


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    • MagicStarER profile image


      8 years ago from Western Kentucky

      Good thinkin's. I know a few of those people that make you start to think like Mr. Hyde! I will remember this article next time, so thanks very much!

    • godpreacher profile image


      8 years ago from Atlanta,Ga.


      I saw your picture, and your smile. You will always be Dr. Jekyll, even though the enemy wants to make you see more of Ms. Hyde. You already know who you are, walk in it, but not in your own strength, but by the power of God to overcome all evil.

      God Bless


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