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Who Am I To Say

Updated on September 19, 2011


 Okay I am not editting it after much mental debate. It was I think my first hub, and should really be my profile. I don't know how to fix that. Throughout when I say blog, I meant hub, but didn't know there was a difference until yesterday.

It's All About Me (and You)

 Wow, "it's all about me" was already taken. I thought my daughter owned that line.

I guess if I am going to be sharing here, it is a good idea to tell you all a little about myself, who I am and what I am here for. This is so that when you decide to tell me I have gone too far, you'll know I have heard that before and still pushed the envelope.

I am a 48 year old mother of three, two girls are grown and flown the coop. and my fifteen year old son thinks he already knows more than me... Could be.

I am what my kids term computer illiterate. and they tell me to be careful what I post, my ideas may seem to have been stolen from somewhere else. There are other people who believe what I believe and they are making money selling books based on those ideas. Well, I checked that out, and as it turns out they weren't the originators of their ideas and I can find all of their resources here on the web for free.

They tell me not to be excited and not to get my hopes up. No one might ever read my blogs. Nobody will ever find me here, and if they do they won't care what I have to say. That's not why I am here.

I am here because I have worked my whole life, since I was sixteen. I have raised my children the best way I knew how, sometimes with help but often alone. I am here because at the end of the day when everyone is asleep and I am awake I am a writer and writing is what I do. I am here because I feel I have found others like me.

I am also a huge fan of writers. Unfortunately though my library is vast, I am laid off from work and cannot afford any new reading material. I have books I have never read of course, and I have some I will read over and over... But here I have a wealth of information at my fingertips, just waiting for me to read.

What's more is that when I am reading a book and I am impressed with the writer's story I am unable to share that with anyone. Here I can post a comment, and you can post one to me.

I used to think the Internet was a tool of the Devil... LOL They thought Rock and Roll was too, back in my day when it was new.

I believe I have found a community, one like they try to make on Face-book and My Space, but are not quite there with. One that Twitter may be the texters version of, or not.

So I was born in Ohio, and came to Florida in my twenties. I have worked in grocery stores and convenient stores, in restaurants, volunteered at Bingo for 20 years and in construction. I am currently in the apprenticeship program of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, called the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. I have just started my fifth year.

I have been a drug addict and a gambler, and in spite of my faith and belief in God I have developed a bad habit of using foul language. The guys in the construction trade tell me it's okay, it's the work we do. I am trying to learn to watch my mouth.

My Mission Statement

I love that phrase, mission statement. I love to write and have been writing since I was 12. I am self educated past high school until I started the apprenticeship program. I have read far too many books to remember the titles and have gleaned insights, had epiphanies, and even dabbled in fortune telling. I was raised in the church, and love to read the King James Version of the Bible, even though I have been told it is 'outdated' and that the newer versions are better. I read them and they are without inspiration to me, because we didn't have those versions when I was a kid. The King James Version has a Shakespearean feel to it.

So with that being said My mission is to pass along any enlightening insights, any titles of books I feel are a must read no matter who you are, any tips for how to get through life. I will read other blogs and pass on those names to you of any who pertain to what i am writing about.

And most of all I will comment on your blogs, I will support you in your endeavors by refferring other readers to you.

My favorites so far are Cosette, Habee, Jennifer and Maggs. I put them in alphabetical order because I enjoy them all for different reasons.

Maggs224 has amazing stories of life throughout the generations past, historical moments you won't find combined elsewhere.

Jennifer has tips on how to get by financially that are new and innovative, things i never thought of or heard of.

Habee has such a delicious and wry sense of humor, she writes from the heart and has no qualms about speaking her mind. Habee took the time to answer my Newbies question and encourage me to keep writing.

And Cosette, she took the time to read my blog inspired by one of hers, and to post a comment. Cosette writes on a variety of subjects and each time lets us into her world a little bit more, becoming a friend as we read her blogs. She checks back and responds to comments on her blogs as well making us feel welcome.


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    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Freya, as this is probably my first hub ever written, it surprised me to see a comment here. Thank you for your kind words. I'm so happy that we found each other. Some people just don't get that it isn't the clothes you wear, the country you come from, your parents or religion that make us who we are; it's the way we think and interact with each other. I adore you, you are a sweet woman who is very expressive of her feelings and generous with your heart. Thank you!

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      Hello, Faybe bay! Did you tell your child many people here appreciate you mind and works? Because we are. I was blogging in other place too, and indeed, it seem we are hard to be find there. Almost a year there and I didn't have any readers at all. But in here we only need few hours since first Hub had been published to have readers. The best thing about this place is we all have passion to write and read and it make the life of this site seem never stop. Anyway, I am so happy to know you and share the thought with you. Have a nice day. ^_^

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      Thank you parrster, I think you are the first to even read this one. I am honored.

    • parrster profile image

      Richard Parr 7 years ago from Oz

      Thanks Faybe Bay, you sound like a wonderful person to know. From reading about you, I can appreciate the hard learnt lessons and life-wisdom you've gained; it makes what you say all the easier to take on board. Thanks for sharing about yourself.