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Who Are You? Remembering Your Past Lives

Updated on February 12, 2013

Past Lives

Have you ever sat back and wondered, what makes you, really you? What has gone into creating the type of person you are? Of course you have a biological background from your parents, psychological and emotional makeup that streams from your DNA. There are so many factors that go into a Personality, the deep elements can be revealed in our belief systems, which are the foundations of our thoughts and choices. We are also driven by our likes and dislikes, our joys and talents, we have a very long and unknown history. Our external consciousness is a field of information accumulated and stored from the beginning of time. Its becomes encoded with our memories, personal preferences and deepest desires, we may not be consciously aware of these things. As time goes by, many of the less emotionally charged memories will fade away and more will be added. Well lets get to some traits that can be used to identify potential past lives.

Karmic Profile

A karmic Profile is a warehouse of information, what types of food do you like to eat? What type of clothes do you like to wear? You can become your own Karmic Profiler by becoming aware of your own natural tendencies, for example, take a few minutes to think about some of your favorite things. Your favorite music, are you drawn to art? Is there a particular instrument that your drawn to? You may have been exposed to things in a past life. For example if your drawn to the color purple, all your life you've just been passionate about the color purple, you love surrounding your self in it, you have even painted your walls purple. Then this is a good indication, you may have been royalty in one of your past lives. Art, Literature, clothing, and design style can all be seeds to your past life. What climates do you prefer? Are you drawn to large cities, oceans, beaches? All these things are tied to your connections. What do you do for a living? What are your interests or hobbies? Anything that grabs your attention is a deep and often abiding part of your karma code.


Family and Friends

Highly charged and intimate relationships such as those between close friends, spouses, and parent child, are usually signals of profound previous experiences spent together, sisters and brothers have often been siblings before, former family members often come back together as a unit, sometimes repeating the same roles or sometimes changing them. Romance, the extreme emotion of love and hate, are striking indicators of past life connections. Have you ever dated someone and from the first day, the first second of meeting, you felt a connection or a bond with this person? Sometimes we just can't put our finger on it, but we know its something special about him or her. Even if that person just invades our lives for a month or many years, the connection is so strong, this person could have been a husband or wife or mistress in a past life. The Phenomenon is known as "love at first sight" What we don't realize is this isn't the first site, we have actually known this person and had some type of emotional, passionate experience together in a previous life. Consider your relationships with family, friends,and lovers, whether you feel great love or extreme revulsion toward a person, there is an important message for you in that connection, a lesson to be learned. Remember your soul longs to experience, longs to express itself, longs to learn, longs to grow, longs to connect, and your soul longs to arrive. Search for clues in your life daily, to find out who you really are.

Find Out Who You Really Are!!


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