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If there is a God then who created Him?

Updated on April 24, 2015

Existence of God

There is much evidence on the existence of God. If you want to see the facts then go to my book "God: Fact or Fiction?: Exploring the Relationship Between Science, Religion and the Origin of Life."

So who Caused God?

But besides the great evidence to God's existence many people still question whether He exists. Another question besides, "Does he exist?" is the one relating to what we call the First Cause. It's a question most of us have pondered. It's a question that children baffle their parents with. The child will go to the startled parent and ask "You believe God exists don't you? So who caused God? Where did He come from?"

So the mother is likely to say "Ask your Father" as he passes on the delicate subject. Maybe the father will try to pass onto his spouse if he is lucky enough to be asked first. Often sadly the question is not asked satisfactorily when the parent says "It just is" which will not appeal to the young mind. It's a topic I explore in "God:Fact or Fiction?". Using philosophy it is possible to answer the question satisfactorily.

Please see my video explanation of "Who Caused God?" below:

Oh yeah i know that when editing the vid and putting pictures in I stuffed up the quality and so it looks like a vintriloquist's worst nightmare, lol.

God bless


Who Caused God?


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