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Who Christ Made You to Be!

Updated on January 9, 2018

It's About More than What You Do!

There seems to be an invisible line that divides most people into two categories- those who do and those who are. I've met very few of the latter, of those who are truly confident in who they are as a person. That leaves most people to be consumed by the first category, where their identity becomes wrapped up in their actions.

I used to legitimately wonder how God could love a Christian as much as He could love a murderer. Somewhere along the the path on my relationship with God, I had forgotten that my good actions were produced from the knowledge that God loved me and instead I came to believe that God loved me because of my good actions.

Our perspective of who we are typically stems from a collection of our actions, whether good or bad. If our over-all actions are deemed to be positive through the eyes of society, then we proclaim ourselves to be a good person. Conversely, if the majority of our actions are frowned upon, our general perception of ourselves is often negative. We combine our own negative actions with the general consensus of society and come to the conclusion that we'll never become better than that.

A lot of our actions stem from who we believe ourselves to be. A lot of heartache comes out of telling ourselves who we "should" be instead of just being.

I'm a Christian, so I should be perfect.

I'm older now, so I should have it all together.

I'm a mom so I should always know how to handle my child.

These types of thoughts are all built on the premise that every identity holds a certain amount expectations and yet you're failing to meet them every time.

One time I was praying to God about the children I was working with at the time. I was struggling to maintain authority over even just a few children that had been entrusted to me. I told God that I felt like I should know how to take care of a situation like this by now- I had already been working there for a while. And He spoke to me that even a statement like that elicits self-dependency. If I feel as though I "should" be at a certain point but I'm falling short, then I'm focusing on myself rather than Him. It still took a while after that to walk in total authority over that situation but at that very moment I prayed, I felt relieved. I think that was God's way of telling me that it didn't matter if I didn't match up to my own expectations. I was doing what He had asked me to do to the best of my ability and He was satisfied.

There are so many different aspects that make up who we are. There's the element that is able to unite us all together, that of who we are in Christ. When you accept Christ, you have the capability to depend upon Him in every way. And the more you do, the more His character shines through. But there's also unique aspects about each one of us that only God could have placed there. When you spend time with God in such a way that all of your guards come down and you can become yourself, you discover who you were really meant to be. To know that every aspect of you was hand-crafted for a specific purpose is a start. Each of us have depths to our soul that set us apart from others. As we come to know God on a deeper level, those depths become more apparent to us and simplified. Because God speaks to us on the most intimate level-through our hearts- the more we talk to Him, the more we inevitably are able to become ourselves.


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    • erical2473 profile image

      Erica Ligocki 3 months ago from Colorado


      Right! Our good actions are produced out of loving and knowing who we are loved by.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I like to remember a song line "But I was so much older then, I am younger than that now".

      I hope and think I am over causing harm. If my actions are not those produced in love then I am an empty gong where my good works are lost in the winds of time.